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Hi, I’m Nadine Piat and the creator of the ‘Healthy You Healthy Love’ Community, which is a supportive blog and forum for women wanting to find love and keep love alive.

I’m a Relationship and Dating Coach, Writer and Speaker and the creator of the best selling programs ‘Unlock His Heart’ and ‘Never Lose Him’ and ‘Simple Orgasmic Secret’.

Twelve years ago I had a clear and passionate mission, which was to overcome my very own health and relationships challenges and to triumphantly assist others to do the same! I realised early on in my life that too many people lack the basic skills needed that will allow them to have a strong sense of self and to have beautiful and loving relationships.

After finishing my studies I founded Calibrate Coaching and initially worked in the area of stress related behaviours. Over time I began specialising in relationships – breakup recovery, dating, attraction and healthy love. If you’re unhappy in love or finding it difficult to find love – you’re normally stressed, anxious or depressive about it. For the past 10 years I’ve been teaching my clients, readers and community how to love effortlessly and how to get excited about learning, growing and LOVING WELL!

I’m truly dedicated to holistic loving – making sure every pocket, nook and cranny of a relationship is able to fly.

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