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Unlock His Heart (UHH)

price: $97 USD

Men want to love and be loved just as much as you do, and men desperately want to share their deepest and most soul revealing feelings with you. BUT why does it seem that most men are next to impossible to emotionally penetrate, or to crack open?

Unlock His Heart is the perfect program for you if you’d like to break down the barriers to his heart and experience the most intimate, loving and heart-melting connection with the man you want. All people have fears that can block love and intimacy, though men tend to have some common fears that confuse women and once understood women hold the key to the greatest kind of love.  Click below to access my ebook.


Love Signals

price: $47 USD

Ever wanted to know how to read a man? Ever wondered whether you’re giving the man you want the right kind of signals. If you’re tired of attracting the wrong men or worried that you’re doing something to scare of the best men, then you will love this product. I interviewed Gillain Maddigan, a brilliant psychosmatic therapist, and in “Love Signals” she reveals some incredible ways to understand men better, and to read a man like a book, so that you know how to effortlessly relate to him and draw him in.


Word Poison

price: $47 USD

There are certain things women do that have a detrimental affect on the flow of communication with men. When women share their relationship frustrations, the most common gripe is they wish men would communicate better with them. If communication is one of the most important aspects to love, if not the most important, then some of these tips are sure to assist you greatly in your desire for heart connection and greater intimacy.


Secrets of a Love Therapist

price: $27 USD

For this product I interviewed Carlos Cavarlo on all things love, though the main topic we covered was how to navigate the most difficult part of dating – when men pull away! Yes, this can really pull on your heartstrings and create unnecessary angst. Carlos knows men and he’s a fellow expert in the field of love and attraction and in this interview he reveals a critical make of break time of a new relationship and how to make sure that you stay centered and confident in a way that keeps a man interested and pursuing you.

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