8 Things he wants to hear you say

8 Things he wants to hear you say

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If you think good things and compliments are only for women to cherish, I hate to break it to you that men too have a weak spot for some “word-action”, which often goes unattended. A women’s ability to flatter a man with an open communication is one of the many traits men find attractive. And really, what has gender got to do with the want the desire to hear good things about oneself?

There are some things that you can say to the man in your life to unlock his heart and keep him close forever. Mastering this art is the key to cultivating soulful love and relationship. Let’s do a quick walk through the 8 things a man expects to hear about himself from his love interest.

  1. Appreciation: A man loves to be appreciated for his efforts. If he’s a great cook or has a great taste in style, let him know what you like about it. Appreciation acts like a fuel for any relationship… the passionate kind of fuel.
  2. Love Him for Who He Is: Men are often put off by women who try to change them. Don’t do that. Let him know that you adore him for who he is, how he does his hair or the person that he is with family; anything. Make sure he’s comfortable in his skin when he is around and does not have to put on a pretending game to please you.
  3. Ditch the Drama: No one likes drama. Well, some men do, though not the ones who want a truly loving and emotionally sound connection. Healthy minded men don’t appreciate it; especially the post-fight drama that some women put up. It is best to communicate with your partner if you need more time to work out your feelings or if something is still bothering you. Open communication is one of the traits men find attractive.

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Love and lasting attraction is all about giving and receiving and words are a powerful way to let a man know what he’s doing that impresses you, turns you on and inspires you!

Men like to know what they do “right”, what they can do to win you over.  Once they know this they tend to do more of this… more of what you like!

Of course let’s not overdo it, or he might think you’re a bit of a clinger and it these words will have an opposite effect!

Here are the 8 things he wants to hear that will instantly help you create a deeper bond with your man.

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