What To Say When A Vanisher Comes Back

What To Say When A Vanisher Comes Back

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A man pulling away never feels great, though in all long relationships and in the early stages of dating a man will pull away… at some stage in some way.  In fact, ALL humans pull away from time to time… though why he pulled away for a little while is not the same as when a man vanishes all together!

Have this ever happened to you?  You’re dating a new man, all is moving along very nicely, in fact it feels as though he’s getting more interested and invested and boom.  He vanishes. It may be understandable if something dramatic happened, though When he vanishes for no apparent reason is can be very confusing, even hurtful.

But sometimes this is not where it ends…

You thought he disappeared for good and you’ve just started to feel confident again, then boom, he’s back from the dead. What the f*#k!!!!

When a vanisher comes back with no explanation, like it’s normal to give someone a lot of attention, then disappear and then reappear, it can certainly be a mind and heart scramble that will often bring up an array of thoughts and feelings.

Do I take his call, do I respond, do I act cool, do I say something, do I play hard to get, do I just ignore him?

So darn confusing!

You’re excited that maybe he likes you after all, though you’re also upset because you are tired of the hot and cold, tired of men acting in odd ways, tired of the emotional highs and lows…

Scared to lose him and scared to invest more of your heart, time and energy into a man who’s not kind to you.

Yep, as I said, it can be so confusing!

If this has just happened to you or it’s happened in the past you’ll know that it’s one of the worst dating experiences because it can trigger a deep feeling of rejection, mistrust and abandonment

I get it.  I’ve been there!  Too many times.

This is why I decided to create this video for you I will reveal exactly what to do when a man vanishes and comes back! This is the only way to make sure that you not only end this kind of cycle, and it will ensure that only a man with a true interest in you will hang around.

I don’t want you to be picking up a man’s breadcrumbs, I want you to experience the whole loaf…  being in a 100% committed relationship with a honourable man.

In this video I share with  you what to do when a man comes back after pulling away so you’ll  know exactly what to do when a man ghosts you.

>>  View the video here <<

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