Never Lose Him (NLH)

Are you tired of the heartbreaking cycle of attracting a guy you really like, then suddenly he’s not so interested anymore, or worse, he disappears? This can really sting and over time this emotional rollercoaster can take it’s toll.

This program is perfect for you if you’re tired attracting then losing the man you want. Or perhaps you tend to get hooked to Mr. Wrong and you’d like to know how to break unhealthy patterns and attract a man who’s perfect for you. ….Read More


Unlock His Heart (UHH)

Men want tolove and be loved just as much as you do, and men desperately want to share their deepest and most soul revealingfeelings with you. BUT why does it seem that most men are next to impossible to emotionally penetrate, or to crack open?

Unlock His Heart is the perfect program for you if you’d like to break down the barriers to his heart and experience the most intimate, loving and heart-melting connection with the man you want. ….Read More

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