6 Things To Never Say To a Man

6 Things To Never Say To a Man

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I love open and honest relationships. I love to explore all topics of life with the man I’m with, and at the same time there are certain things you should never say to a man…


Because what we say impacts people and the words we use will either bring a man closer, keep him neutral, or push him away.

If you want to evoke lasting desire with your man then here in this video I reveal the 6 things a woman should never say to a man.

I used to make the mistake of oversharing something with men that would freak them out and sometimes turn them off –  I reveal this in tip #3…

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I’m not saying that if you were to say one of these 6 things that you would be saying the “wrong” thing, simply the words you’re saying my not be as effective as you hoped they would be.

When you’re dating a man, it’s important to know that everyone has a past and some sensitivies. When it comes to relationships and to save yourself from triggering these sensitivies I created this video for you.

Men love openness, they love you to show vulnerability and yet when we’re too open in a few specific ways this can be off-putting to him. Also, sometimes women don’t realise how sensitive a man’s ego is. Because of this he’s unlikely to tell you that he’s uncomfortable with certain things you share with him, yet he will be effected.

His ego is not your responsibility, though being aware of how his ego works will help you to get the love you want. Knowing this will help him to open up to you and feel good about himself with you.

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