He’s Not Ready For A Relationship – Do this

He’s Not Ready For A Relationship – Do this

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Imagine this situation, you met this amazing man, the first man you’ve liked in a long time, the first two dates were pretty special and you thought that maybe this could develop into something special… a relationship even…

Just as you started to get excited about the possibility of him he says to you ” I really like you but I’m just not ready for a relationship”.



What just happened?  

What do you do?

Do you run away and stay single, albeit sometimes a little lonely, or do you keep dating him with no strings, or do you stay with him hoping that he’ll commit to you at some stage?

This is a critical, turning point moment for any woman in this situation, what you do next will either move you closer to the love you want or will be the beginning of a lot of unnecessary heartache.  This video will help you to determine the RIGHT path to take for you so that you get the love and commitment you deserve.

If a man has said to you that he’s not wanting a relationship right now or he’s not ready for a relationship then you need to watch this video.

Women write into me daily and this is one of the main reason why women are in turmoil with a man. When they first met the man told her that he’s only wanting something fun and casual,yet months or years later the women are still holding on to the hope that he will finally want her in every way. 

=> Find out what to do if a man says this to you

Knowing how to deal with this can stop you from dating the wrong men and save you from a whole lot of heartache in you life.  Who needs heartache? Not you!

=> Every woman needs to watch this is they want to keep their sanity!

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