Why Men Pull Away… The Real Reason

Why Men Pull Away… The Real Reason

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You’ve been dating a man, all is going really well, he seems quite smitten with you, and he’s even spoken about future plans, but all of a sudden he’s different, less connected, and you wonder why he pulled away?

What the heck happened?

You can’t believe that you’ve met another man who’s flaked on you!

On the last date he told you how incredible you were and how good it feels to spend time with you, then all of sudden something has changed.

He may not have disappeared completely, though he’s distant… he’s not as interested in seeing you… he’s stopped calling you and he’s not messaging you as much or at all… or worse… he seems to have disappeared for good.

You’re left not knowing what to do.  You wonder if you should contact him or wait to see if he will contact you again.. and you wonder WHY he pulled away? What the heck happened?

You’re thinking… hmmm… he pulled away but will he come back, and if he does come back or reappear should you encourage anything with him?

There are many, many reasons why men pull away but one huge reason why men pull away after getting close is that they don’t feel like they’re good enough for you. Most men won’t tell you this, though this is a common  reason why men pull away.

They’re not financially in a position they think they need to be to be the partner they believe you need. Even if you love and accept him as he is, he’s not able to accept himself the way he is.  Being with you feels so good and so bad because it highlights the parts of him that he doesn’t yet feel at peace with.

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