Being Single, Happy And Liberated

Being Single, Happy And Liberated

Do you ever wonder if it’s possible to not only accept that you’re single, but also find happiness in being single?

Too often people forget that there are many upsides to living the life of a bachelorette. In today’s world there seems to be far more value placed on being attached than in celebrating the perfection of the single life.

Perhaps you fall into one of the following types of love scenarios…. you’re…

  1. Single?
  2. Thinking about ending a relationship?
  3. Fearful of ending a relationship?

Now…  this article is not about whether you should or shouldn’t end a relationship, or how to overcome your fear of ending an unhealthy relationship or an incompatible connection…

Right now I want to focus on how being single is something to value and treasure…

Too many beautiful, successful and deserving women find themselves down and out and fearful of being single.  When we’re single it’s easy to have unhelpful stories that keep us single and miserable. It seems easy to entertain the idea that you might end up a spinster, the cat lady, the last one standing…

Your internal “stories” may go something like…

  • I don’t want to be the only single person at a dinner party
  • There must be something wrong with me if my friends can find someone to love them and I can’t
  • Maybe there’s no good guys left
  • This city is terrible for finding men
  • I’m not pretty and skinny enough, etc.
  • I’m getting too old for love
  • The only good guys left want younger women
  • Being single is so lonely
  • Being single makes me feel like I’m missing out
  • I’ll be happy when I’m in love, life will be better

All of these kinds of stories are BULLDUST!  Absolute Nonsense…

being single

I totally, 100% understand that at times it might feel like it’s never going to be your turn!!!  I get it.  Your feelings are valid and very real for you, AND they’re also unlikely to manifest heart racing, committed and deeply fulfilling love.

I’ve spent my fair share of my time single too, and not just for a week or two.  I’ve spent long bouts of my life looking for love and the ONE thing you can do to find love is to…

LOVE being Single while Being Open To LOVE

That’s exactly what I did… I stopped moping, I started living and I started attracting what I wanted!

You cannot be open to love or invite love in while you’re battered and bruised and cursing love, or vowing to be single forever…

Also, you cannot be open to love while you’re miserable in your singlehood and desperate to find love.

Instead… find the beauty in being single and happy, while you live your life to the fullest!

The only way to do single is to do it well and EMBRACE it…

Try really hard to consciously notice what you tell yourself about relationships, your past, your future and replace it with a more healthy way of looking at it:

  • Great men are everywhere
  • I’m attracting the most wonderful man in my life
  • I’m the perfect age for love
  • I have a very fulfilling life
  • My life is perfect for me
  • Love is all around me…

Enjoy being single while you wait to meet your special man. Get out and meet as many single men as you can… expand your social circle, join unisex activities, and do so from the heart.

A relationship is the icing on the cake… it will never be the cake… so be the best cake you can possibly be and LOVE your life how it is today! That’s how love will find you… and not just any love… the love that feels AMAZING… that’s perfect for you.

Who want’s ANY guy… I want you to meet your special guy!

So don’t feel down about being single….  live a great life, a special life, and you will meet a special guy!

The best is yet to come and you’re more likely to meet him while you’re at peace with yourself and your life!

Love N x

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