How to Make Him Love You Again (Guest Post By Carlos Cavallo)

How to Make Him Love You Again (Guest Post By Carlos Cavallo)

Does love have to fade? Can you do anything to make him love you again if things have gone cold?

Can’t it always be like it was when you two first met?

Well, we all know in our hearts that love can never be as powerful and magical as it is when it first starts – BUT

We also know we WANT it to be, don’t we?

Just to feel that inexorable pull of chemistry and attraction that makes the world a whirlwind of excitement.

Where all the colors are brighter, and the smells so much sweeter…

Sure, some people may accuse you wanting a fairy tale romance. They shake their head and tell you it’s a dream, and you need to “get real…

But that’s okay.

There is no reason you can’t have some of that romantic fantasy become REAL for you.

I want to share with you 3 ways you can make him love you.

But beware! If you use these “spells” with men, don’t be surprised if he becomes truly enchanted with you.

make him love you

How To Make Him Love You – Secret Tip 1:

Let Him Catch You…

Look, I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you for the umpteenth time that men like sex.

(Okay, they LOVE it – and everything about it.)

But the truth is that YOU do, too! Just in a slightly different recipe. As in, not as fast…

Sometimes in the relationship, his mojo level drops – and he doesn’t seem as into sex. The roles seem to reverse a bit.

And that leaves you feeling unattractive. Undesirable.

BUT there’s something here you can use to your advantage…

I propose that you let him catch you.

You know – doing IT.

Pleasuring yourself.

C’mon – as the old joke goes: 80% of women masturbate...

And the other 20% are lying.

Just let him walk in on you sometime… or maybe invite him just to watch.

If you’re shy, you can just tell him that when he revs the engine in his car, you feel the vibrations and get a delicious jolt of “mmmm.” Squirm and smile to make the point…

You see, flashing this kind of sexual side to yourself is something that most men never get to see.

Seriously, most men don’t really think women enjoy sex all that much – because of the difference between how men and women prioritize and handle it.

It’s old, lame programming that most men still fall for.

You’d be astonished at the kind of wide-eyed fascination this will create in him.

Which leads me to the next tip…

make him love you

How To Make Him Love You – Secret Tip 2:

Keep Things Light And Fun

Here’s a tricky one…

You see, men bond by sharing time with someone.

NOT by talking.

NOT by sharing emotions and experiences verbally.

Which – by the way – is completely opposite to how most women bond with each other – through communicating.

The one thing that will sneak under a man’s radar is having a woman around that FEELS like she’s a buddy of his.

(With a sexual edge, of course.)

So the more you can just hang out with him – and his friends, if that’s every so often – and spend time with him, the more likely he is to turn around one day and figure “Hey, she’s my girlfriend.

By the way, I explain how this works and how to make this happen in my “Forever Yours – The SecretPassword To His Heart” program, by the way.

Because he wants your relationship to HAPPEN to him without having to plan it out or make sure it’s “going somewhere.”

Or declaring it – until AFTER the fact.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get the satisfaction of verbal communication or commitment from him.

What it means is that the more you keep the experience of being around you light and fun, the more he will naturallyWANT to be around you. And that creates the bond that will lock him to you.

Unfortunately, when women feel anxious about their attachment and commitment to a man, they tend to do the opposite.

Things get “heavy” and oppressive to him, and he pulls away to escape that feeling.

So always remember: Light and Fun!

And the best way you can do that is to use Tip #3…


How To Make Him Love You – Secret Tip 3:

Give him an ULTIMATE Date…

Guys want a lot of the things women do, funny enough. One of those things we like is to be swept off our feet.

Sounds kindy wussy and weird, huh?

Well, it’s slightly different for guys than the way you do, but it’s close. And it comes from a man’s perspective and needs.

Allow me to explain:

Men invest a lot of emotional and intellectual energy up front to get your attention and interest.

We have to overcome that great Fear of Rejection in order to start a conversation with you.

Then we have to setup dates, and *hope* you like what we’ve done for you.

And pray that you are actually going to be sexually attracted to us and not condemn us to the “Friends Only“category.

Sometimes it feels to him that he’s putting out unbelievable amounts of effort based on the slight chance you could be interested in him.

That’s why it can come as a blessed relief when YOU plan a date for us.

First off, it shows your interest level – that you’re into him.

Which is something a man is desperate to catch a glimpse of in the early stages. And he hopes to see it later on in the relationship as well.

It’s very reassuring to know that you will step up and show some effort right there with him.

Second, it just lets us catch our breath and rest for a moment or two before continuing our pursuit.

So plan a night out with just the two of you that makes him feel valued and respected.

And appreciated.

If you want more info, have a look at this, where I explain the complete plan for this Ultimate Date in detail in his free report:

Confessions of a Former Commitment-Phobe

– where he explains the roadmap for a night you – and he – will NEVER forget.

Go grab it HERE – and get started on making him adore you forever…

Take Care!

Carlos Cavallo

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