4 First Date Disasters All Women Should Avoid

4 First Date Disasters All Women Should Avoid

first date disasters

Here are a list of first date disasters all women should avoid if they want to experience dating success!

If you’re feeling anxious about your first date with the guy of your dreams, then you’ll want to read this post. I have heard stories of women going out on first dates and truly demolish their chances of getting a second one, and the reason is, they probably engaged in one or more of the these  ‘first date disasters’!

Many times women give guys a bad wrap for the way they act on a date; whether they’re dissatisfied with the place they chose, or they were uninterested in the conversation. However, not many women are willing to take responsibility for a date gone wrong.

First Date Disasters Mistake #1 Wrong Attire

It is important as women that you dress appropriately for your date. By appropriately I mean in a way that shows your style but not too much of your body. First dates are meant for getting to know a person and by wearing something too revealing, you could distract them from getting to know who you are.

A friend of mine was telling me about her date. She said she wore a little black dress with a v neck and low back. In her opinion it was a flirtatious dress, however, she wondered why her date only wanted “one thing”. You can’t very well dress like a vixen and get mad because you’re not treated like wife material.

To show off a glimpse of cleavage or a little bit of leg is fine, best not to show all of your goodies at once. You can still be sexy without flaunting it, and sexiness is more than skin deep, it comes from your core.

First Date Disasters Mistake #2 Too Much Too Fast

One of the biggest things to scare a man off is to start pouring your heart out too fast. No matter how comfortable you feel with him, there is a time and a place to discuss everything. Pace yourself, and allow some space to create mystery and keep it interesting.

Your first date doesn’t need to be about how your child’s father is no good, how you wish you had your father in your life, or how full on and exhausting your job is. Too much too soon sends “hard work” or “crazy” signals to a guy’s head, and ultimately he emotionally disengages or tunes out of the conversation.

Of course you can talk about the tough stuff with a man, just not straight away.  We all have “stuff” that challenges us in life, if fact, he will also have some “dirty laundry”, just don’t hang it out too soon!

First Date Disasters Mistake #3 The List

I asked a friend one time what she wanted in a man and her expectations were longer than my grocery list…

“I want a guy who is nice, family oriented, great with kids, college graduate, great job, interested in marriage, committed, six feet tall, into sports, committed, doesn’t believe in cheating, and can cook.” I mean really? These are all great qualities to have, and at the same time verbalizing your list on your first date will send your dream guy running in the other direction.

Also, even though you might not tell him what you are looking for, you may have a mental checklist running which he’ll most likely sense. Take time to get to know a man for who they are and not according to your checklist. Sometimes you will find that what you think you want is not actually what you need.

First Date Disasters Mistake #4 Complaining

If you ask a man what his pet peeves are in a woman, you are sure to come across “complaining” on their list. If a man does not like complaining in a relationship, what makes you think he wants to hear you complain on a date?

I’m in a fine restaurant with some friends and we’re sitting next to this couple who appears to be on their first date. From the moment they sat down the girl was complaining. First it was about her seat, then it was about the ac being on too high, then it was about her food, and lastly, her drink. Judging from the look on his face, this guy was completely embarrassed and turned off.

As women, we may not know how to completely decode men, but there are some things we should do to make dating much easier that will help you from striking one or more of the first date disasters…

On your first date be relaxed, dress appropriately, and be gentle and open minded.  He’s most likely nervous as you probably are, so be warm and engaging.   It is often that true love comes when you least expect it. Avoiding these mistakes could easily move you leaps and bounds closer to the man of your dreams.

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