9 Ways To Find True Love Fast Without Using Technology

9 Ways To Find True Love Fast Without Using Technology

Ever wonder how we found love BEFORE dating sites and applications came along? Well, believe it or not, there are tons of ways to find true love without ever having to download an app or log onto a website. Though it’s certainly nice to be able to look at hundreds of singles on one platform and weed them out based on your preferences, the digital dating scene is not always what it’s cracked up to be.

You can find a guy that looks great online and all of his interests line up with yours, but on the first date you find out that he’s obnoxious and a bit self-centered. The trick to finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with will encompass a few old tricks of the dating game.

Here are some quick ways to find someone you’re compatible with without needing modern technology:

1. Get Your Mind Ready
The first bit of love advice I’d like to provide you with is getting your mindset ready for love. If you’re not mentally and emotionally prepared and open to dating, you’re going to have a difficult time attracting the man of your dreams. This means it’s now time to let go of those long lists of high expectations, the baggage you might be carrying from past relationships, and most importantly; choosing to completely love, accept and believe in yourself. Attracting love when you’re insecure and/or comparing new men to your ex, or having unhealthy beliefs about men and relationships, rarely inspires wholehearted love to develop. So if you need to take the time to work on your mindset, do so.

2. Get Out of the House
Unless your Mr. Right happens to be the cable guy or the mailman, chances are you’re not going to find him by sitting at home. If you’re really trying to find true love then you’re going to need to step outside of your humble abode and start mingling with society. Aside from going to and from work, make an effort to get out of the house at least once or twice a week.

3. Strike Up Conversation
When you’re out and about, don’t be afraid to walk up to a guy and strike a conversation. Whether you’re at the gym working out or in line at the grocery store, conversation is the key to building a strong relationship. Even if it turns out to be nothing more than a friendly conversation, it opens you up, exposes you to new people, and helps you learn how to break the ice.

4. Get Out Of Your Town
If you live in a small town the chances of your soul mate being in your hometown may be slim to none. If you want to find the man of your dreams faster it’s probably a good idea to travel outside of your catchment area. Take a day trip to an area nearby and visit some of the local hot spots. Not only do you get to experience a new location, which is always refreshing and good for the soul, you expose yourself to even more eligible bachelors that are nearby.

5. Hang with Other Singles
If most of your friends are married or in committed relationships you may need to find some single friends to hang out with. Your single friends are going to know where all the latest social events are, who some of the other hot singles are in your area, and basically how to have a good time. You’ll have an easier time attracting single men by hanging out with other singles, than you would if you hung out with your girlfriends who are already married.

6. Go Out on Several Dates
Dating is not the same as being in a committed relationship, therefore until a serious connection develops you have the ability to date more than one person. This is particularly beneficial if you have a habit of picking the wrong men, as dating a few guys that you’re interested in gives you time to see which one makes the best fit (if any). After kissing a few frogs, you’ll know that initial attraction is not the best indicator of true compatibility, so this is a perfect way to ease into dating and find true love. If you do decide to date a few men it’s important to be upfront with each of the guys that you’re dating so that they don’t think you’re exclusive. As long as you haven’t committed yourself to one guy you can date as long as you’d like to see who you’re most compatible with.

7. Check Your Appearance
Of course attraction is not all about what you look like. Though how you present yourself does reflect you in some way and does help with attraction. When you’re on the look out for a new beau it’s helpful to reflect or emulate what you want to attract. This is not to suggest that you have to go out every day with full makeup, high heels and a dress on, all the same, being mindful of how you present yourself will certainly help when a chance encounter presents itself at the petrol station, school pick up, or perhaps at the gym. Maybe it’s time to turn your old sweat pants into cleaning rags and up the ante just a little.

8. Don’t be Afraid of the Hookup
I’m not referring to a one-night stand, more specifically, being setup with a potential suitor by a person you know. Many of us have friends and family members who swear they know the “perfect guy” for us. Since they do know you the best, it couldn’t hurt to give the “hookup” a try. There’s nothing wrong with going out for a bite to eat or a just having a conversation with a well-recommended and well-vetted guy. At the end of the day if he’s not relationship material, you can simply be grateful for the experience and move on.

9. Give it Time
Though the title suggests that you can find true love fast, the best love advice I can give you is that true love is not something that can be rushed. You have to be willing to give it time to develop. If you’ve found a guy that you enjoy dating, don’t be in a rush to move in and plan the wedding. Instead take some time to truly get to know him and what he’s about so you can ensure that you’re in a healthy relationship that’s going to last.

So there you have it… nine easy solutions to finding true love fast without downloading or logging onto a website.

Remember, before you get out there on the dating scene it’s important to be in a healthy pro-love frame of mind. If you don’t value and love yourself first, or if you don’t believe in love, no matter who comes along you may not recognize how wonderful they are and/or be giving out anti-relationship vibes.

Once you’re mentally and emotionally prepped it’s simply a matter of getting out there and letting the world know you’re ready for love.

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