Do You Think You’re Too Pretty Or Plain – Find Out How Men Fall In Love…

Do You Think You’re Too Pretty Or Plain – Find Out How Men Fall In Love…

A woman’s looks can attract a man but if you think that looking pretty is how men fall in love then you you’re sadly mistaken.

Most women know this logically and yet so many women still fret about their aesthetic attractiveness.  There must come a time when we as women break this superficial and fruitless cycle!

Many women wonder:

Should I put on some more foundation to make my skin really glow? Do I need to put on the brightest lipstick shade to attract a guy?

Are my clothes too plain? Should I wear revealing dresses to look hot? Should I only wear colours that complement my skin tone?

Do I have nice enough curves? Is my butt too big? Should I go to the gym more often? Should I consider surgery to have the perfect body?

financial debtWomen take out loans and go into debt to try and make themselves look prettier to either keep a man or catch a man. They spend so much money trying to improve what’s on the outside that often times they forget to work on what’s within.

So many plastic surgeons are making tons of money from women who feel the need to surgically alter their appearance.  At a more insidious level, cosmetics companies are also making a profit from ladies who feel like they need the latest product to make their skin absolutely perfect.  The fitness industry is no different.

Staying fit, eating well, looking after your hair, doing your make up is acceptable, because looking after oneself is a clear indication that you value yourself.  I’m not for one second suggesting that a woman should not care about what she eats or not bother about moving her body. I am suggesting that it’s important to not cross the line into; self obsession, deep insecurity, value attached to the aesthetic and narcissism. There’s more to being a woman than just looking pretty.

For instance, putting on makeup to enhance your natural features is a great way to make yourself a little more confident. But this is very different from using makeup to completely alter your appearance, or not being able to feel comfortable without it…

I have a friend who for many years would put on a fake tan every week without fail. There would not go a week that she didn’t, and she ended up buying a machine and doing it from home.  She attended some personal development courses and when I Iast saw her she was a la natural… She realised that this is NOT how men fall in love and she finally felt confident enough in herself to embrace her natural skin tone.

fake tanBy the way, many men can’t stand fake tan!   And a woman who’s overly coiffed is perceived as high maintenance to a man who’s looking for real love.   Most men like a woman to be more natural in the way she presented herself.

You see… I’ve been travelling through Europe and I’ve been observing people, mainly couples. And what’s worth noting is something that I was already acutely aware of yet I wanted to share with you – many women that were with what you’d probably consider as a nicer looking man, were quite plain or what you’d call average or “normal” looking.  This comes down to the simple fact that men are far less superficial than we are lead to believe. This is good news for all women and their bank accounts!

Real men desire substance, a well-rounded woman, a woman of high value, a woman who is fun and also has clear boundaries  – this is how men fall in love. At first, they may want to be with a woman who is pleasing to the eye, BUT in the end, it’s the women who takes care of what’s inside that men are more likely to choose.

A pleasing personality will take you further than just a pretty face. Goals, dreams and ambitions will be more admirable to a man than just having perfectly sized breasts. Being able to stand firm in your beliefs and staying true to who you are will be more valuable to you in the long run than having the figure of a supermodel… At least, they will be if you’re looking to attract a man who’s not just after your body.

So go ahead and look pretty… just don’t forget the rest. I talk about the Lips Method in my Never Lose Him Program, which goes into what a man truly desires in a woman.

The bottom line is… No one is too pretty or too plain for love!

A man looking for love, commitment and even a wife, looks for very different traits in a woman than when he’s looking for fun and play. How men fall in love is more to do with the whole package than any one specific thing.

Stop worrying about what you look like… instead, focus on being a captivating man magnet, the healthy way!

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