How to Make a Man Miss You

How to Make a Man Miss You

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Ever heard of the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”?

We all know that too much of one thing is not necessarily bad, though it can make us complacent which leads us to take people and things for granted. Does this apply for romantic relationships, too? It sure can.

Over time, when something becomes autopilot, like a relationship, the very thing we value can lose our focus and attention.  Not because we no longer care, it’s because we know what to expect. When a man seems distant and doesn’t seem as interested in you like when your romance was new, it can trigger you to feel afraid and worried about your place in his life.

This means that a man may have a tendency to disregard the important person in his life because their presence is usually steady and dependable, and because of this they (you) start to blend into the backdrop of his daily life.

If you try to spend every moment with your partner or you don’t add some spice into the mix, your relationship runs the risk of complacency. So what do you do when your man is pulling away and ‘needs space?’ 

No matter how much you love your man and want to be there for him all the time, holding back a little won’t hurt. It comes down to creating the right kind of space that stems from a place of empowerment, not to manipulate or play emotional games.

If you want to know how to make a man miss you but have zero idea where to begin, —> watch this video <— and find out what tricks you can do to make sure your man misses you and desires you like crazy.

The best part is — these 5 essential tips on making him miss you may be the best way to rekindle your spark, keep the mystery, and improve your love relationship.

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