A Surprising Female Trait That Turns Men Off

A Surprising Female Trait That Turns Men Off

Men and women ultimately want to love and be loved and even though there is often talk about the battle of the sexes, both parties have a lot in common.

In my latest video I share something that both men and women value, yet sometimes battle with. Women use more words than men per day, this means that sometimes we need to be mindful of this and how this can affect how we relate with men.

In fact, this very issue can drive a man a little bananas and can be a big turn off –> Check out my video to see what I mean.

The fact is; people like to be heard, people love to feel validated and to feel like they matter, and this is one of the best relationship advice I can give, because the way you communicate with a man impacts how he feels about you.  

Many women struggle with not only how to attract men, they also struggle with commitment and how to build a deeper connection with a man. If you make an effort to wholehearted listen to him more you can build a greater level of emotional intimacy, which is what you both want more of,right!

Even though a man won’t typically ask you do this, this is what most men want; to be heard and to express themselves without being judged, without you putting words in his mouth, and without interuption. 

He’ll love it if you do this…

–>  View the video here right now


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