Long Distance Relationships & Their Remedies

Long Distance Relationships & Their Remedies

Being miles apart from your significant other requires a different set of guidelines for ensuring long distance relationships work out.

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There will always be those moments when you really want to talk to your man, but you can’t because he’s not online or he isn’t due to wake up for another few hours.

Yes, long distance relationships are challenging in their own way. But despite what the cynics say, there are still ways to help you get by as you get closer and closer to that moment when you can finally feel your lover’s embrace.

I’ve been in long distance relationships (an LDR) and even though at times it wasn’t easy we managed to make it work!  After 12 months one of us finally took the step and moved city and it was worth the wait. If you have a good relationship then the situation can be very workable. And even if your special guy lives in a different country or one of you travels regularly for work, there are certainly ways to “bridge the gap”…

Here are a few ways things you can do to make your long distance relationship last:

  • Establish ground rules. Before you put thousands of miles before you, talk about your expectations for when you’re apart. If you’re both busy people, let each other know when you will be available to talk online or over the phone. In some cases, couples in LDR’s may choose to be in an open relationship. Setting up some rules for how you want to conduct this relationship is extremely important!
  • Be honest with your partner. Having trust issues when you’re a couple is one thing, but having trust issues when you don’t get to see each other is a whole other ballpark! Doubt, jealousy and paranoia may arise when you’re apart, so it’s best to always be open with what you’re up to and why you may not be able to call them during certain times. Remember, arguments may ensue when your trust is diminishing, and these conflicts are harder to resolve when your partner isn’t physically there.
  • Connect in different ways. Video calls, IM’s, Facebook and other communication programs are free and convenient for both of you to use, but don’t solely rely on technology to express your love for each other. Every once in a while send a hand-written letter or postcard to your partner so that he has something physical to hold on to while you’re away. You can also keep the romance alive by sending a special package on anniversaries, birthdays and times when you just feel like expressing your love. And when your schedules allow, visit each other as often as you can.
  • Talk about the future. An LDR may sometimes be a temporary setup where one of you will eventually move to the other’s city. Knowing that it’ll only be a couple more days/months/years until you’re together will give you a common goal to look forward to. If you have never talked about moving, it’s best to discuss it with your partner early on before either of you get tired of being apart for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Have your own activities. It really does no good when you’re just pining away while your man is busy. Instead of waiting by the phone or on your computer, you also need to have your own set of activities! An LDR grants you a relative amount of freedom as your partner can’t just expect you to wait for him all the time. Take this time to enrol in a class, take up a hobby or get started on a fitness regimen. I’m sure your partner will be supportive of how well you’re taking care of yourself while he’s away.

Just a bit of patience, communication and openness can make those miles feel like mere inches, and those days feel like seconds (well… sometimes).

In making your long distance relationship a success, you know that being miles apart has tested your bond with your partner.  Now isn’t that an achievement to be proud of?!

I would love to hear about your experiences with long distance relationships.  Please share in the comments section below the blog.

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