Over 35 and Single? Could you Get Hurt Easier?

Over 35 and Single? Could you Get Hurt Easier?

Being over 35 and single is an interesting time for women who want to find love. It can be an exciting time and also an emotionally draining experience.

If you’re single, by now you’ve probably kissed enough frogs to know the type of man you want to meet, and whether you want to build a family (or extend one). And you’re most likely ready for the kind of love that’s stable and lasting.

You’d think that the older you get the easier dating would be, unfortunately, for many, this is not always the case. Sometimes the less emotionally ignorant we are, the narrower our choices become, which makes dating easier on the heart strings, yet more difficult to find what we want.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve dated at least a handful of men in your life, and chances are, you’ve been hurt along the way. These hurts have either; taught you some incredibly powerful love lessons that will help you find the love you want, or these hurts have blocked you from attracting the love you want.

Depending on where you stand;you’re either graciously drawing in love, or you’re spinning your love-wheels, which sees you more frustrated, disillusioned and more likely to get hurtin some way.

This is why it’s so important to remain open to love, while remaining wise and resilient on the journey.

Loving relationships come in all shapes and sizes (literally), and most women above 35+ are looking for something that has the wings the fly. If you feel that a lot of doors are getting closed, or your relationships go nowhere, then it’s time to try some new dating tips for women.

So, if you’re worried that you’re never going to find the love you desire, then these tips will allow you to find the perfect man for you, fast, and in a safe way.

Tip #1 –Baby-Clock Is Ticking

In you’re still in the child rearing age group, then the good ‘ole biological clock can see women making very hasty and ill thought out love-moves.

Sure, the baby-clock might be ticking, still don’t let this rush you into a relationship that’s not compatible or loving. If having a baby is more important than being in a healthy relationship, then that’s your choice. Just know that this is what you’re doing. If you want true healthy love then wait.

Having a child with a man you don’t like can be a long-term, never ending drama. Look at the big picture before you jump.

Tip #2 – Finding Your Match With A WOMAN’S Heart

What you valued in you 20’s will most likely differ from what you value in your30’s and 40’s, and so on. This means that you might need to change your dating strategy to suit a woman (not a young girl).

To begin with – to meet your match, you’ve got to fine-tune your “picker” – this will save time and energy. This is why it’s imperative that you recalibrate your turn-on gauge…

Sure, you want to be physically attracted to the man you date, though attraction can develop over time. What’s important is to find someone that shares some similar interests, character traits and core beliefs…

You are not looking for a male copy of you, nevertheless finding someone that shares some commonality can make the different between a smooth road to love and a bumpy one.

If you want stability, then find a man who wants this too. If he’s unreliable, non- committal and hot and cold with you, then perhaps he’s not your match.

Having shared interests is great, BUT if the guy you like has conflicting core values with you, then no amount of hiking, skiing or talking about the stock market will allow for a happy integrated relationship.

Finding a like-minded person will result in a higher chance of a happy relationship.

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Tip #3 – Don’t Throw In The Towel

Even after a few too many dating disasters, this is not the time for giving up or feeling defeated. Sure, you may have been involved in a couple of loving relationships that seemed perfect in the beginning but, suddenly, it crumbled?

It is important to never give up. In all aspects of your life, striving for what you want is very important, even after you fall a couple of times, the idea it to keep the faith and stay on your path. The same thing happens when it comes to your love life. Don’t forget that you can reach your love-goal, and any problems along the way are just perceived walls.

Simply remember that, on the other side of those walls, great love is waiting for you. Break down the wall and keep going, eventually you will arrive at love.

It will happen. You can keep your heart open and protected at the same time.

Tip #4 – The Jitters…

Nervousness is a natural response. However, it is often the culprit of embarrassing situations or the barrier to taking some extra steps that could improve your love life or improve the way you enjoy a date.

Remind yourself of what you stand for and be sure to minimize any nervousness. Self-belief is what you need! When you believe in your worth and value, you’ll then be able to relax into dating, mating and relating. If you’re already thinking about marriage on the first date then of course you’re going to be on edge.

Just get to know the guy with no expectations.

Feel good about yourself and enjoy the moment, and avoid thinking about what could go wrong. Also, stop worrying if he likes you, pay more attention to if you like him and whether you’re compatible. You typically won’t know this for some time so don’t rush the process.

Tip #5 – Getting a Second Date

Don’t expect “chemistry” from the get go. I’m guessing you’ve got hooked to the chemistry before and it didn’t equate to committed, healthy, romantic love.

When you go on a date you’ll either feel an instant attraction, you may feel neutral, or you’ll a get “hell no!” feeling.

If you feel neutral and instant attraction then give it a go. But don’t get ahead of yourself. Take your time and get to know him.

Some women when they don’t feel any obvious spark they’ll dismiss the guy. My recommendation is to see this as a positive thing. Investigate this further. Many of the best relationships start from a neutral place. As per point 2, retune that picker inside of you.

If a man doesn’t let you know that he’d like to see you again then don’t be shy, let him know that he has a chance with you!

Don’t assume he can tell that you like him. Women can be very mysterious and confusing for men and most men need some encouragement, because it’s not unusual for a man be timid or afraid to take the step. Make sure you show some courage by letting him know that you’d be open to repeating the experience. Simple.

If he doesn’t reciprocate then that’s okay. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Let him reject you. Because the next guy you meet may not (and let’s face it, you’ve done some rejecting too, it’s just how it goes).

So the point here is – don’t be scared of dating! Dating is all about creating opportunities and you should never take the dating process to heart. Sure you could get hurt, though isn’t finding the love of your life worth the journey, albeit an emotional one at times?

The bottom-line: Focus on increasing your chances of love by meeting as many men as you possibly can. Once you follow these simple dating tips for women, the results will definitely pay off! You will find love.

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