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Let’s Talk About Sex: Are you a “NAUGHTY” girl? Why is Something So Good Often Defined As Bad?

Recently my client told me about a guy she had been out on a few dates with. Things had been developing nicely and on the fourth date she admitted to getting a bit “naughty” with him. I knew she was implying that something of a sexual nature had taken place, though I wasn’t sure what she actually meant, specifically, so…

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Blog, Dating, Featured, In Love, Love Hiccups, Relationships

How to Attract Men Emotionally

Have you ever wondered if a deeply loving relationship can exist without emotional intimacy? If you have, I’m sure you’ve come to the conclusion that it can’t. Emotional bonding is what distinguishes casual from serious relationships, or an unfulfilling one to a fulfilling one, there’s hardly any question about this. We tend to feel closer to people with whom we…

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Retune Your Turn-On Switch to Find Love…

You’d think that finding love would be easier with the internet and with women being more and more independent and liberated. You’d also think that with age comes a deeper wisdom of the heart, allowing one to pick a more compatible partner, instead of spending time with men that bring more misery than love and joy. But, finding true love…

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