7 Surefire Signs He Loves You

7 Surefire Signs He Loves You

Signs He Loves YouHere is a chance for you to peek into your man’s mind and signs he loves you.There is something special about talking with clients who are in the beginning stages of a relationship. The giddy feelings, blushing, and playful ways seem to capture my heart strings every time. However, for many of the women I talk to, signs he loves you can be a bit challenging.

Women tend to be surface people, in other words, for the most part; you can tell how we feel easily.Men, however, can show different signs he loves you and in some cases men can take a longer time to say that they love you.



If you’ve fallen hard for someone special, here are seven signs he loves you.

  1. Respect – The number one way for a woman to tell if her guy is into her is to pay attention to how he treats her. Men who really love a woman will treat them with respect. Respect can be anything from chivalrous things like opening the car door, but it can also mean valuing your opinions, listening to what you have to say, and pays attention to the smallest details.2
  2. Constant Communication – Do you receive text messages from your guy on a day to day basis? Does he send you emails, or call you while at work just to say hello? These are all pretty good signs he loves you. He can’t get you off of his mind, and he is showing you through communication.
  3. He’s Willing to Compromise – We all know that men love to be right! They will argue a point from the top of the morning till the middle of the afternoon just to prove a point. However, if you notice that your “always right” guy is suddenly willing to bend a bit, he is most likely in love with you. Does he watch chick flicks when that is not his thing? Maybe he compromises during disagreements?
  4. Public Affection – You will find that touching in private is a lot easier with your guy than touching in public. When your boyfriend starts outwardly showing public displays of affection, this is a huge step. The moment he holds your hand without you asking, or puts his arm around you while walking in the mall, he is letting the world know that you two are together and he’s proud to be with you.
  5. Family Ties – Have you met the family yet? Unlike ladies who are more willing to take a date to meet mom and dad, men will generally wait until they are sure they’ve found “the one” to take home to their mother.

    When he is eager for you to meet family members and close friends, he wants you in his life for a long time. Thus a signs he loves you.

  6. What Does the Future Hold – When he’s talking about five years from now, are you included in those plans? Maybe he wants to move to another state, has he included you in the plans of finding a place? When a man is willing to talk about the future, this is a huge feat in and of itself. This is a true sign that he loves you as he is willing to plan a future that does not include the word “I”, but “we”.
  7. He Says So – Last, and probably the most obvious is when he finally says the words “I love you”. When your guy tells you this, you can pretty much be certain that he means it. That said, I have had a man tell me that they love me within a week of meeting him.  I would be cautious of this kind of early declaration. At that early stage I did not feel the same and as things predictably turned out, he was not emotionally very healthy – he was desperate for love.

Love is not just a feeling, love also develops through experiencing compatible personality and character traits, and quality interaction such as communication, kindness and willingness to care and understand each other.  It cannot be forced upon anyone, nor can it be faked. Also Read – Is He My Soulmate – Should He stay or Go?

Enjoy the beginning stages of your relationship and don’t hone in on those words (I love you). When the timing is right for him, trust me when I say, he will make it known.

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