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The Downside to Being Confident and Unstoppable!

Imagine walking into a room and having everyone notice and feel your presence… Imagine people gravitating towards you, wanting to get to know you, without you having to do anything… And imagine what it will feel like to get approached by a handsome man you notice standing across the room… This is what happens when you exude a deep level…

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Is Love From Another Person Something You Need or Want?

The other day I received an email from a reader and she asked me for love advice on how she could get this man she was presently dating (and liked) to fall in love with her. The only problem with that was that he wasn’t really the greatest guy. He didn’t treat her well, rarely returned her calls, and only…

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10 Ways You Can Start Healing After a Breakup

There was once a time when I dated a guy who seemed to be the ideal man for me. We had the same taste in almost everything. We seemed to want the same things. We listened to the same music. We could spend hours upon hours just talking, reflecting, and we also had a great physical connection. Everything seemed perfect…  and…

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Boost your confidence and get the man you REALLY want !

Some times life is stressful and challenging. When you’re not happy at work, with your family, with yourself, friendships or with life in general, it can feel like A MAN could be your answer to feeling better.  The one thing that will build your self confidence and make you feel happier. He could be the one who’ll make you feel…

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