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Let’s Talk About Sex: Are you a “NAUGHTY” girl? Why is Something So Good Often Defined As Bad?

Recently my client told me about a guy she had been out on a few dates with. Things had been developing nicely and on the fourth date she admitted to getting a bit “naughty” with him. I knew she was implying that something of a sexual nature had taken place, though I wasn’t sure what she actually meant, specifically, so…

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Why Profound Intimacy Is Key To Long-Term Relationships

Do you ever feel that you want a deeper love and better sex? Would you say that sex is important in a relationship? I think most of us would. But do we mean any kind of sex, when we say that it’s important? Or do we mean the kind of sex that doesn’t just satisfy a physical urge but also makes us…

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5 Ways to Heighten Sexual Pleasure

A woman’s orgasm is partly physical, but mostly psychological. It’s easy to think that a caress here and there can easily switch on your sex drive. But without the right mindset, you might not even make it to arousal! In fact, often times, foreplay, the most crucial aspect for great sex takes a back seat and so does your orgasmic…

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