5 Ways to Heighten Sexual Pleasure

5 Ways to Heighten Sexual Pleasure

A woman’s orgasm is partly physical, but mostly psychological. It’s easy to think that a caress here and there can easily switch on your sex drive. But without the right mindset, you might not even make it to arousal!

In fact, often times, foreplay, the most crucial aspect for great sex takes a back seat and so does your orgasmic pleasure. Foreplay is not just about being touched in all the right ways, foreplay comes in other forms, which are often overlooked.

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Now when you think of the right environment for achieving mind-blowing sex, you’d be inclined to think of getting swept off your feet and being transported into a setting worthy of a romance novel. Though the place itself does have some bearing on your sexual encounter, it’s your emotions that make intimacy more meaningful and more pleasurable.

Here are some ways to set up a healthy emotional environment for better sexual pleasure:

1. Establish your physical and emotional safety. It’s impossible to be aroused, much less experience orgasmic delight, if you can’t bring yourself to trust, feel safe or believe in your partner. True intimacy cannot be achieved without a healthy emotional bond, if you don’t feel emotionally safe then deep core arousal and orgasmic bliss can be difficult to achieve.  When someone treats you with care, kindness and consideration, bliss-happens! Does your partner pay attention to your needs? Does he understand when you say “no”? Do you want the same things in the relationship?  Does he care for you even when you’re not getting intimate? If the answer is no, then it may be time to reassess what your heart and body truly desire.

(Note:  You can be in casual relationship and still feel safe, though you’re unlikely to feel emotionally safe if you want more from the guy than he wants).

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2. Know why you’re getting intimate with your partner. They say you should only have sex for the “right” reasons, but the right reason varies from person to person. Before you get physical with another person, consider why you’re sharing this intimacy with someone. Are you doing it because you genuinely want to be intimate with this person, or are you doing it because he might leave you if you don’t? In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to throw these reasons out the window, but putting some thought into your motives paves the way for a healthier emotional and sexual environment.

3. Be honest about what you want. Before you can have mind-blowing multi-orgasmic sex, you have to start with the basics: know what turns you on. Disregard what you think you should want, and try to figure out what you do want. Most of the time, this can be achieved by stimulating yourself and trying out different touches and caresses. Knowing what you want would make it easier for you to tell your partner what to do to turn you on. If words don’t work, a sexy demonstration can prove to be both a learning experience and a huge turn-on!

4. Let go of the pressure to perform. If your reference for great sex is movies and porn, then you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment. Sex doesn’t have a grading system where you get an “A” for making your man come in two minutes. By pushing away thoughts of what you feel like you should do, you’ll be spending more time actually enjoying pleasure-heightened sex with your partner!  There all different types of sex, yet the type of sex that allows a woman to experience full body delight is never shown in porn or any movie.  Learn about the type of sex that allows for full body bliss here.

5. Focus on being present and NOT on what he’s thinking.  While you’re worried about what he might be thinking about you or what your body looks like in a certain position, you’re already out of your body and at a disadvantage! Feeling insecure and worried makes it awfully difficult to relax and invite full body bliss to the bedroom. Men are far more accepting of a female’s body than women are about their own bodies.

Your emotional environment makes a huge impact on how much better sex can be. When you feel confident and at ease with your body and with the man you’re intimately involved with, you can express your sexual wants and needs more freely, your body will relax and sexual magic happens.

Know in your mind that you don’t need to be the perfect partner, there is no such thing!  Let all of that go and just enjoy!

~ Nadine Piat

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