2 Weird Ways to Make Him Feel Impulsive Love For You

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Recently I was having a great conversation with Alex Carter, a fellow love expert and good friend of mine, about impulsive love and I wanted to share with you the goodies we spoke about… I know you’ll love it!

impulsive love

Step 1 – Become emotionally in-tune with him.

If you ever want a man to feel a deep intense,
 almost addictive love for you, then you need to 
become emotionally in-tune with him.

What do I mean when I say emotionally in-tune?

I basically mean that you have to connect with the
 emotional part of his mind rather than the logical

Most women don’t get this; in fact, most women
 dress sexy, cook great meals and try to logically
 convince a man to like them. But that doesn’t work
 because they’re missing the most important element
 of the puzzle. That element is “EMOTION”.

Have you ever seen a woman who can make any guy go
 absolutely crazy for her and do the dumbest and
 sometimes even embarrassing things to please her?

And at the same time have you ever seen a woman
 who does everything seemingly “right”, yet she is never able 
to get the love or attention she desperately
 desires from her man?

What is the difference between the two?

The woman in my first example understands the 
critical concept of becoming emotionally in-tune
 with a man and as a result, she is able to make a
 man literally dance to her tunes, while most women
 try really hard yet struggle.

Bottom line is that you will always struggle with
 men unless you become emotionally in-tune with
 them, if you don’t get this, then you are only
 spinning your wheels without getting anywhere.

I’ll show you a ridiculously easy way to do it in 
a moment, but before that let me give you the
 second step.

impulsive love

Step 2 – Establish yourself as a valuable asset in
 his mind.

Why are diamonds so valuable? Is it because they
 look pretty? Is it because they’re expensive? The
 fact is, diamonds are valuable because they’re 
rare and not easy to acquire. They’re perceived as
 something very valuable.

In order to make a guy go almost nuts about you,
 you need to present yourself as a super valuable
 asset, exactly like a diamond.

You need to position yourself in a way, that he
 would be absolutely scared to lose you and would
 even fight to keep you for as long as possible.

You see, something weird gets triggered inside a 
man when he knows that you’re this valuable asset.

His animalistic instinct awakens and he feels a 
strong inner drive to protect you, fight for you 
and never let you go.

Every guy is a born hunter, they all have a hunter
 instinct embedded deep within their subconscious 
mind and this only awakens when a woman presents
 herself as this special prize to be won.

During this process, a man can’t help but act on this instinct and will chase you as hard as humanly

In fact, he will feel absolutely lucky to have you 
around him and will even value whatever time and
 attention he gets from you.

So now you must be wondering, how do I do it?  Here
’s how, follow this link…

=> http://neverlosehim.com/desire

It’s time to be the diamond and to be deliciously hunted by the love of your life!

Your greatest and most passionate love devotee,
Nadine xx

P.S.  Alex and I also spoke about another very powerful topic about how to trigger pleasure hormones in his body – you can read it by clicking the image below   or go straight to his video and get the really juicy stuff: http://neverlosehim.com/desire

How to Trigger Pleasure Hormones in His Body

How to Trigger Pleasure Hormones in His Body

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  1. Avatar of Joanne Gomez

    Joanne Gomez

    August 1, 2013

    Oooh, this sounds interesting. :)
    This line that says “you need to present yourself as a super valuable
 asset, exactly like a diamond” actually makes sense. However, some girls misconstrue this fact as they present themselves in their “trashiest” way possible, thinking that guys would go gaga over that — but no. Guys would actually prefer simpler girls who carries themselves with oozing confidence. Something I learned from my guy friends. :)

  2. Avatar of Raven


    August 4, 2013

    It absolutely makes sense. Oh it encompasses everything about the maze we call relationship. The law of supply and demand is just not limited to finances and marketing, it can be definitely applied to successful relationships. Very wise advice, indeed.
    I also like how women, the special ones that is, are being likened to diamonds. How they are far more expensive and sought after not because of their brilliance but because of their rarity. Again I see the principles of supply and demand taking place. :)
    Thank you for this interesting piece, Nadine!

  3. Avatar of Nadine Piat

    Nadine Piat

    August 5, 2013

    Hi Raven and Joanne, thank you for your comments. Raven “Supply and demand” that’s a great way of looking at it! And Joanne, I totally agree with you about how women can come across as trashy instead of a woman of high value. Also, sometimes women can misconstrue the notion of being a rare gem and can become demanding, particularly on a materialist level. This is about being a well rounded woman who knows she’s deserving of a healthy love and relationship. Princess vs Queen… maybe it’s a nice mix of the two. Thank you ladies, you both have great insight and I love your comments. Nadine xx

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