4 Tips for Getting Out of the Friend Zone and into a Relationship

4 Tips for Getting Out of the Friend Zone and into a Relationship

So you and your bestie have decided to give love a try but how do you make the switch from friends to getting out of the friend zone smoothly?

Not the love that friends have for one another, but that feel good inside, tingling kind of love that one would receive if in a relationship. While the feelings of interest are mutual, it can be really tough to figure out how to take things from one dynamic to another.  Dating involves intimacy, and bonding on another level that is not necessarily required in friendships and so you need to be prepared. In this article you will find some great tips on moving forward getting out of the friend zone and going from friends to lovers.
getting out of the friend zone

1 – Take Your Time

The number one rule when transitioning out of the friend zone is to take your time. Whether you asked your friend about dating or your friend asked you, you still have to take into account that it’s going to be a bit awkward for a while. Pace yourselves when it comes to developing a relationship. This may mean holding off on sexual intimacy for a while, or even spreading out your dates so that you don’t become overwhelmed by it all. It is important that you don’t go from hugs (which friends often do) to sex in just a matter of a few days. Even if you’ve had “feelings” for your friend all along you still want to take your time and allow the feelings to naturally grow.

2 – Breathing and Grounding

If you’re nervous and your not sure that going from a friendship to lovers is going to work then there are a couple of things you might want to consider.

The most amazing relationships can be born out of a plutonic friendship, he/she could be feeling as awkward and excited as you.  Consciously and consistently remind yourself to breathe into your body and connect to your heart and open up to love and the wonder, rather than being in your head where we tend to doubt and question others and ourselves.  If you think too far ahead you may get spooked or put unnecessary pressure on the two of you.  Be present, be in the moment and focus on being with them and getting to know them in this new way one day at a time.

3 – Try Dating in Groups

If you’re not quite ready for the one on one action a great way to transition into being lovers after being friends would be to go out on some dates in groups. This cuts down on the amount of time that you two have to solely focus on one another, and places you in a comfortable environment with people who support your decision. As you get more comfortable you two can go on dates alone to become more at one with each other.

4 – Communicate Often

Friends are typically great communicators. It seems when relationships are introduced, communication can be harder to find.  Since you two are transitioning together it is important that you communicate and learn to communicate as friends and lovers. You should talk about your feelings, fears, how comfortable you are in the newfound relationship, as well as other things that would pertain to being in a relationship together. Through communication you guys can stay on the same page and hopefully work towards a successful relationship.

Being a friend first certainly has its advantages. However, becoming a lover after being a friend can be one of the most challenging steps yet. Be that as it may, it is not impossible to accomplish a successful long lasting relationship with your best friend. It will require time, patience, and willingness on both parts, but at the end of it all, your relationship could possibly far outlast relationships that start from scratch.

For those of you who are still sitting on the fence and who suspect that your friend may have more intimate feelings for you, as you do them, then BE BOLD and find out if the feelings are mutual.   There’ll be no more guessing and wondering!

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