10 Sure Ways to Charm A Man From Across The Room

10 Sure Ways to Charm A Man From Across The Room

Why meeting a stranger is easier than you think

What men really want is a question as elusive as what women really want. We’re all used to hearing stereotypes like the one about men loving with their eyes and women loving with their hearts, but these stereotypes just won’t do if you want to capture the attention of a stranger.

Men may rely more on their sight than other senses, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean they only see the wrapping, as it were. There are other things men notice that will be sure to pique their interest in a woman in a unique and profound way…

And what might that be?

The key is to reveal our true essence.

You see, there is no another woman on this planet exactly like you, and when you understand this you can then utilise your gifts in a way that make you captivating to the right man, and yes, even from across the other side of the room!  

To get you started I have listed ten sure ways to charm a man you’re interested in, but don’t gloss over each point, think about how each point relates to you and how you might be able to overcome any fears or insecurities you have so that you can let your uniqueness shine.

#1 Dress for attraction.

No, this doesn’t mean to be “dressed to kill” or to always have your “assets” on show. This does mean; taking care to dress in a way that represents who you are and the kind of man you want to attract. In my books sophisticated sexy is often a good way to go – you can do this by highlighting your most attractive features without overdoing it. So strive to be comfortable and confident in your own skin and the way you present yourself will assist you greatly. If you’re a bit stuck, ask a close friend with a good eye for flattering styling for help.

#2 Look straight at him.

Sometimes it can be difficult to meet the eyes that fill your stomach with butterflies, but eye contact is essential if you want to be noticed and to get a man to like you. That old saying about the eyes being windows to the soul? It’s true. Men love to peer through these windows, so give him the chance. No staring, just let him know he’s welcome to get to know you better.

#3 Flash that smile.

How to get the man you want? Smile at him. Men can be shy and sometimes need some obvious encouragement, and at times looking at him will not be enough. When you smile at someone you reveal to them that the sight of them has stirred a feeling of intrigue and desire inside of you, and men like to be desired. So do we, don’t we? Don’t make it too pointed and forced, though, just smile naturally, let him know that you’re interested. After all, you are, aren’t you?  Note: The way you smile shows your essence.  So be confident and own in.

#4 Send a message with your body.

Using your body language skillfully is one of the greatest ways to entice a man ways to entice a man. To do this, you first need to be aware of what your posture, gestures, and face tell him. It just takes a little attention, nothing more. Slumped shoulders and eyes cast down are a definite no-no. Leaning forward slightly, in his direction, is a sure yes, just like eye contact. You’ll come to these instinctively, just don’t be too obvious as that’s a certain turn-off.

#5 Don’t stand in a huddle

If you’re out with friends the biggest mistake is to stand in a huddle. This can happen because of lack of awareness, other times the huddle is due to insecurity and self-consciousness (strength in numbers) but most men, even the most confident, will not feel comfortable approaching a circle of women. Make sure to open up space for a man to approach you if you want to get him to like you.

#6 Get close to him

If you’re in a wine bar or an event where there is a bar, gather up your courage and go to the bar on your own. If the man you want to charm has noticed you this will give him an opportunity to approach you. If you’re feeling extra confident, don’t wait for him to approach you – go to the bar while he’s there, stand next to him and see what happens – perhaps a perfect opportunity to start a conversation.  

#7 Give a little, though not too much in the dance

Imagine you’ve got your heart set on a handsome, kind-looking, dark-haired, green-eyed man across the room. You want him to approach you. The way to entice your man starts with points 1-4, though here is the trick, don’t overdo it. Keep him guessing. Don’t be looking at him every time he looks your way.  Show him that you’re having a great time, and every now and then give him some attention.

#8 Keep it subtle.

Subtlety is among the most important things that men find attractive in women. Tossing your hair back because it’s got in your face, incidentally revealing your features from a new angle is subtle. Playing with a strand between your fingers is not. A light giggle if he said something funny is subtle. Laughing hard at his every word is not. It’s easy. Trying too hard to be sexy, funny, smart, or a cool chick, tends to backfire on most people – or worse, attracts the wrong guy.

#9 Touching can create unexpected intimacy

If you do get to speak, lightly brushing his arm as if by accident can be charming and alluring. Gently leaning on him while you laugh at something one of you two said is charming too. When you touch him ever so slightly, you make him feel accepted and more comfortable around you and, of course, it encourages him to touch you back. It really is like a dance, so learn the steps and master them.

#10 Be your own woman

What men want in a woman of substance is substance. Looks and smiles are just the beginning. The guy you like will like you back more if you show him that you have your own opinions, attitudes, and, above all, self-respect. The men worth attracting don’t go after women who agree with their every word. They fall for women who know who they are and are not afraid of showing it. This is not an opportunity to be argumentative or a bully, though there is no shame revealing some zest (adding some humour to the mix will help).

Opportunities to meet a man can happen at any time and there is almost always a way to entice a man to tango with you (so to speak). Sure, he may not be “the one”, though he could be, and yes, he may not reciprocate your affections, that’s okay, the next guy might.

Most importantly, initial attraction is only the first step, good character, and true compatibility are what matters, and you can’t know these things from a glance across the room. This is why rejection should be the last thing on your mind. Put yourself out there, meet as many men as possible, and choose an authentically good man for you!  

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