11 Signs a Guy Likes You

11 Signs a Guy Likes You

Don’t go crazy wondering, know for sure with these tips

There is nothing quite like the early stages of dating!  So much unknown, so much promise, so much heart racing newness!  But it’s not always easy to tell if a guy likes you, right?

I personally have a love/hate relationship with dating, why?  Because dating is like walking into a forest you’ve never explored before; you’re not sure whether you’re going to find the most beautiful sacred place, like an enchanted forest, or the grim reaper in a bottomless abyss!  

If you’ve been dating someone and you’ve started investing your heart into it, yet you’re uncertain if your guy is as invested or as keen as you, then I’m here to help you out.

Because you are NOT alone – we’ve all asked ourselves at some point, even the most confident among us, does this man want me as much as I want him? Why is it that most men don’t wear neon signs on their foreheads, flashing bright white when they’re really into a woman, so the woman (you) can stop worrying?

Well, they just don’t!  Why? Because most men are just as petrified as you, particularly the ones over 40!  

They can be scared of rejection, scared or making the wrong emotional investment, scared of not being the man you want him to be, scared of being hurt or hurting you!  And as much as you want him to get over his fears and to tell you how he feels, often the easiest way to tell if a guy likes you is to pay close attention to his actions and the indirect ways he expresses his feelings.  

Sure, hearing declarations of love would be grand, though actions are always more important. Why, because some people are really good at declaring feelings, though their behaviour speaks a different truth. So irrespective of whether your guy expresses himself or not, pay attention to how he treats you.

Which means, there are so many little signs — and big ones — that will tell you without a doubt that he really does like you… just a little or a lot.

Here are ELEVEN of the best ones to watch for:

#1 He takes action

One of the clearest signs that a guy likes you is that he does not wait around for you to make the first step and doesn’t just flirt for months without asking you out on a date. True, there are some super shy guys who would need more time to make that first move but if they are really into you, they will make it, believe me.

#2 He is being obvious

The thing is, you see, that when a man likes a woman he is pretty obvious about it. It might not always seem that way to you when you’re too busy crushing on him, but the truth is, you just need to pay a bit of attention to spot the signs. Compliments, long looks, a special smile for you are all ways of him being obvious about it.

#3 He pays attention

Here is another sign to watch for to tell if a guy likes you: when you are together, he is not just there physically, he is all there and he listens to what you have to say. When a guy likes you, he wants to experience your time together to the fullest, just as you do, don’t you? If he doesn’t even take out his phone when you’re together, he committed to get to know you.

#4 He can’t get enough of you

It’s simple: when we like someone we want to spend as much time with them as we can. This one’s equally true of men and women. It’s also one of the sweetest stages in any relationship, the time when you discover things about each other and find common ground. A man who wants you wants to spend time with you – and not just under the covers.  He wants to explore you in every way, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and when the time is right – physically!

#5 He shares

When a man is really into a woman he won’t just listen to her and remember what she’d shared with him, no, he will also want to share stuff about himself with her. If the guy you’re wondering about is being open to you, telling you things about his past, his hopes for the future and his ambitions, chances are he likes you more than just a little.

#6 He cares how you feel

He’s open to working things out with you. Even in the early staged of dating, little bumps can surface – mini points of contention, maybe a misunderstanding.  Perhaps you or he crossed a boundary without realising it. He’s open to talking it out – he wants to understand you, just as he wants you to understand him. A perfect way how to tell if a guy likes you is if he’s invested in the “WE”, not just the “ME”.    

#7 He touches you differently.

Okay, this one may be a bit tricky because there is a breed of flirty guys who’d think nothing of a little touch as part of their play and they might give you the wrong impression. But ask yourself this: is the guy you’re wondering about flirty? Does he flirt and touch every woman around him or is it just you? If he’s saving the special touches for you, he’s the real deal.

#8 He copies your movements

A guy who really likes you will unconsciously mirror your movements or posture. It might be a bit more difficult to spot this sign but if you pay attention to his body language generally, you will spot the mirroring and more. If he leans into you, he is into you. If he touches you “accidentally”, he’s into you. The list is practically endless.

#9 He’s not afraid to text

Texting etiquette can be a minefield! Not everyone enjoys or has the same values around texting. Though typically, when a man is into a woman he will text regularly (at least most days), and he will respond within a reasonable time frame. This means; if you want signs that he likes you, look no further than your phone. You’ll be loving the sweet sound of a new text message popping up into your message feed.  

#10 He calls when he says

When a man really likes a woman he ignores such “hard and fast” rules. He will double text you and even triple text you before you’ve had time to respond! Also, he will always call when he says he will. Simply, he’s a man of his word and prioritizes you!

#11 Future engagements

A man who likes you, before long will always make his intentions clear. He won’t play around making you feel uncertain and confused. He will show you clearly that he likes you and want you to be more than friends. We will plan a date a week in advance, or suggest a show a month ahead – and after 2-6 months, he’s not afraid to introduce you to friends and family.

Take your time getting to know the man you’re dating. As much as it’s nice to know how he feels about you, what‘s more important is to discover how you truly feel about him.

Have ever dated a guy and been uncertain about him and as soon as he pulls away you start to like him more, you start feeling a sense of loss, even though just hours or days before you felt that perhaps he’s not the one for you?  Nuts, right!

Try to be honest with your heart. Don’t buy into games and power playing. Get clear about what you truly value and what kind of relationship you want, and then use these signs that he likes you to help navigate your path to true compatibly.

With love,

Nadine Piat

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