How To: Rekindle Relationship That’s Gone Stale

How To: Rekindle Relationship That’s Gone Stale

Relationships need attention… just like a healthy and thriving garden and just like a fire that sometimes cools over time… it could be time to rekindle relationship love into a flame once more.

rekindle relationship

This is true whether you’re in a marriage or a long-term relationship…or even in something new.

As time goes on, couples grow “bored” or “content” with one another and it seems that the fire fizzles out.

Sound familiar?

Well, you’re certainly not alone in this stage of your relationship. However, what many couples end up doing is breaking up or stepping outside of the relationship to find that happiness that once was.

This post will give you some ideas on how to avoid ending what could possibly be a very prosperous relationship.

Never Stop Dating

Once couples move in together it is almost commonplace for them to stop dating and simply just “live” with one another.

To me this point seems like a no-brainer, although it’s something most couples let slip.  It’s not rocket science, it’s basic relationship advice that too many people don’t take care of.


If you’d wanted a roommate you would have placed an ad in the local paper. Since its love that you’re after, you need to keep the romance alive.

– Try creating a date night at least once per month to add a sense of “newness” to the relationship. Couples talk about date nights yet don’t plan them in regularly or let the “dating” slip over time.

– Take turns in coming up with ideas on new things to do. You will find that with time you look forward to those days where you and your significant other can go out and have a great time.

Who Doesn’t Like Surprises

I love little surprises and men do too!

Mystery is what keeps a relationship flourishing in the beginning stages.  Routine is often what kills the romance. So, to tackle this problem you should consider throwing in a surprise every now and then to switch things up.

Surprises don’t always have to be in the form of a gift, they can be simple things such as;

°       Cook a special meal or dessert

°       Get a sitter during a weeknight for a quick dinner and movie

°       Surprise your significant other with a lunch date on a work day

°       Give them a foot massage or a shoulder rub

°       Fill up bath tub, sprinkle some essential oils, light a few candles and let them enjoy some relaxing time (either on their own or with you)

Makeover Anyone?

Now let’s face it…

…when we first meet that one person we want to be with, we go out of our way to make sure that the hair is done just right, the clothing is matching, and fragrances are the best scents.

Once we’ve nabbed our true love those things can slowly fall by the wayside. If your budget will allow it you should consider a small makeover. This could be something as simple as buying a new shirt or dying your hair.

When your guy see’s this they are likely to be intrigued and thus more interested.

Bedroom Spice

Now for the goods!

Just like everyday life can become mundane, so can the sex life.

If you’ve been lacking sexy time in the bedroom or simply have become tired of the same positions it could be time for change. Consider reading some ebooks on new positions, or even book into a tantric retreat, which is powerful for sexual and non-sexual intimacy.

Use your imagination to bring magic back. This could be something as simple as new lingerie or something as huge as role-playing.

Get into character and aim to please your guy and yourself too.

Energy check

Sometimes we’re physically tired and sometimes we can be energetic passion killers.

If we’re annoyed with our partner or feeling a disconnect, instead of communicating or working things out we can store, hold on and semi-bury our true feelings.

The reason I say semi-bury is that even though you might think that your partner can’t tell you’re harboring STUFF, you may in fact be energetically yelling very loudly that there is an issue.

Rekindling sometimes means we need to be graciously honest, and lovely open to learning, supporting and growing.  This is how intimacy, love and passion stays alive.  Shift the “energy’ or your “vibe”.

rekindle relationship

Following this advice should certainly assist you in getting back to rekindle relationship love with your significant other. However, if problems have been going on for a while, other measures such as counseling might be necessary to find the root of the problem and supply you with the tools you need to fall back in love again.

If there is any advice to leave behind, it’s that any relationship worth having is worth fighting for.

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