#1 Reason Why Men Won’t Commit

#1 Reason Why Men Won’t Commit

The number one reason men won’t commit

Do you know the number one reason men will not commit and set a date?
They will never admit it – but they are scared.
why men won t commit
They have so many “what-ifs” going through their mind when they are in a dating relationship.  Just like you do.

While women have a great connection with their intuition and can make major decisions based on their “gut” and emotions, men are usually more logical and systematic in their approach to big decisions.

One of the very best tools you can use to help men become comfortable and confident in their decision to walk down the aisle is to help him feel like he knows you inside and out (and you know the same about him).

But, men aren’t the best at sharing what’s in their hearts, are they? (although the really, really want to).
Michael Webb, one of the world’s most renowned relationship experts, has developed a comprehensive series of questions for couples to ask each other.
He has discovered that if a couple is truly compatible that over 80% of men are ready to commit after going through the series of questions.  Of course the questions can reveal blind spots in the relationship which, if not addressed, would prove to be disastrous down the road.

I like the website option to email questions back and forth on a daily basis.

Sometimes we answer them via email but often we just think about the questions and discuss them when we get home in the evening.

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