Are You An Alpha Female?

Are You An Alpha Female?

What kind of women do men fall in love with?  Are you an Alpha Female?

Men love women who are confident and at ease with themselves, just as women like men who are confident and at ease with themselves.

BUT… some men and women get confidence and arrogance confused, which means; if you desire to create a strong and healthy relationship, this “confusion” can really mess with your head and your relationship success.

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So, what are you?

  • Are you an alpha female attracted to alpha males or beta males?
  • Are you a beta female attracted to beta males or alpha males?

There is no such thing as a better way to be.  What’s important is knowing what kind of relationship will truly satisfy you and support your personal traits; your strengths and weaknesses.  There is also no such thing as being 100% alpha or 100% beta, we are normally a mix, though we will tend to be one way more than the other.

The typical characteristics of an alpha female are:

  • Tends to be athletic and physical (more so than most women).
  • She’s fiercely independent; she doesn’t need a man to take care of her (even if she secretly would love someone to wrap her in their arms- perhaps a beta pretending to be an alpha).
  • Sexual Libido is high and she likes to control what happens between the sheets. She can easily engage in one-night stands.
  • She will tend to be highly educated, her career is part of her identity and she thrives on achieving goals.  She likes to dominate and to lead. She will do everything she can to be the best.
  • She’s a risk taker.
  • She may have children, yet it’s not a priority and staying home and parenting full time does not inspire her. She’s happy for a man to stay home with the children while she conquers the professional world.
  • Emotionally sufficient and typically not very empathic towards others.
  • She can be overtly direct and linear in the way she communicates.

After reading this list, do you relate to any of the above points?

If you can identify with the alpha female traits you may believe that you need an alpha male to be happy in love.  The truth is, two alphas together, rarely create loving harmony….

You may not want your man to be push over with no backbone, although you’ll find that the super independent and dominant type of female will thrive and be more suited to a man with a good amount of beta traits, such as:

  • He works well with others – He likes to be part of a team, cooperative, likes to work with his partner, he doesn’t need to be in control or lead at all times.
  • More emotionally expressive – He’s not too worried about expressing his feelings, he likes to emotionally connect with his lady.
  • They can be funny, creative and artsy – Feels confortable being playful, can laugh at himself, likes to express himself creatively.
  • More nurturing and caring – As long as he’s not pretending/trying to be an alpha male, he’s the type to take care of you when you’re sick.
  • More devoted to a relationship –  Likes the feeling of creating a home and building a family.  He’s not looking out for the next best thing, the next quest or something to conquer.
  • Physically healthier – The beta male tends to be less stressed, allowing for a healthier mind and body.
  • He’s interested in others – A beta man asks you questions, chats to your friends because he genuinely wants to know about people.  Whereas a man who’s dominantly alpha, he can be highly narcissistic and can be overly self-absorbed with little interest is others welfare or opinions unless it serves him in a very particular way.
  • Conscientiousness – A beta man can be driven, a great planner, disciplined and will solidly work towards a goal, though they are less spontaneous than the alpha, yet they are diligent and they can overcome obstacles.

A good question any alpha woman should ask herself is; what kind of man is REALLY going to enhance my life and bring more harmony? What kind of man do I feel at ease with and really good around?

Be honest!

Sometimes what we think we want can be very different to what we actually need and want. Yes, an alpha male may get your attention, yet the power-playing, ego and battle for control ends up dissolving the connection.

We are who we are for a reason.   A lot of what we do and how we do it is learned behaviour.  So today I ask you to take a moment to slow down and take stock of the woman you are today.

If you know you’re tough then is it time to soften?

If you know you’re too accommodating then is it time to create some healthy boundaries?

If you know you choose men that you clash with then what needs to change? 

Have a look at the FULL PICTURE…

Who are you, who do you want to be and what kind of relationship do you desire? Either way, may you embrace the woman you are and be the best you can be!

You don’t have to change, you just may need to change your approach to life and love so that the way you live your life supports your core values.

~ Nadine Piat

* Please leave your thoughts below the blog. We’d love to hear your “alpha experience”.


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  • Jen
    December 8, 2020 2:20 am

    I do not consider myself an alpha female. But I can totally see it in my daughter.
    I can see how an alpha female and an alpha male would not make a good match.
    I am definitely a Beta Female.
    My question is – Can a Beta Female and a Beta Male be in a happy long term relationship?

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