Confidence Boosters for a Better Sexual Performance

Confidence Boosters for a Better Sexual Performance

Have you found yourself feeling less than attractive lately and in need of some confidence boosters?

Feeling less sensual and in the mood?  Do you feel that it could be affecting your relationship? Many women feel the exact same way yet don’t know what they can do about it.

Being a woman can certainly be challenging. From working all day to raising a family, the task of looking and feeling your best can easily fall by the wayside. As women, if we don’t feel our best we are not going to perform our best when it comes to the bedroom. If your significant other has been giving you grief about lack of action in the bedroom, these tips will certainly help you get your groove back!

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Take Some Me Time

From the time you open your eyes, if you’re like most women today you are running non-stop. When you spend so much of your day caring for others, the idea of caring for you can easily be put on the back burner. In order to feel your best sometimes you have to step away from the grind of the daily routine and try something different. So, talk with your significant other and map out some time in which you can dedicate to yourself. You could consider an everyday thing where you have one hour to yourself or you turn it into a monthly thing in which you take a day for yourself away from the humdrum, or get away for a weekend trip to pamper yourself.

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Take Some Dance Lessons

You might find this strange but there are thousands of women who say that taking a dance lesson (perhaps a strip tease course) can really put you in the mood. Being openly aware of your body and learning new ways to make it move in a sensual way can really boost your sexual confidence. Courses are generally not too expensive and you can take some friends along for the ride. You’ll be so excited to show your significant other what you learned.

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Get a Physical Makeover

Again, when you’re caring for the family, you often forget about yourself. Consider a mini makeover to make you feel more confident about yourself. You can do something as drastic as cutting your hair and changing the color, or you could do something as simple as polishing your nails and purchasing a few new outfits, maybe blow-dry your hair once in a while, and make an effort to dress a little nicer even when you’re at home, or eat less sugar.  The littlest change/s can make a world of difference in how you feel inside and out.

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Get a Mind makeover

You can still have passion and great physical intimacy regardless of the clothes you buy, your weight or the color of your hair.  Most men do not care about all that stuff, well, mostly not. If you have really let yourself go then do something about it for sure.

Regardless, intimacy, passion and sensuality have more to do with your thoughts and beliefs around; sex, parenting, your spouse/boyfriend, your relationships and yourself.  You may have some mind blocks to unravel and a couple of stories to rewrite.  For example:

  • I look terrible, no one wants to see my body (YES THEY DO, BE PROUD OF THE ALL OF YOU)
  • There’s no time (YES THERE IS)
  • We don’t have passion any more (CREATE IT)

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Start Dating Again

No, this does not mean that you ditch your current love for a new one; it simply means you should date your significant other all over again. Set up a few date nights throughout the course of month. Be sure to select some sexy outfits to wear and select date choices that your significant other will enjoy as well. To really boost your confidence you can “make believe” that you’re dating for the first time. Take separate cars and arrive at the same place and carry on as if it’s the first time you met. This can be a great tip for increasing sexual tensions.

Being a woman is not always easy and nor is being a man, it’s life, but if you take these steps and put a bit more tender love and care into yourself, you will find the energy, confidence, and self-esteem to perform better than you ever have before.  Who knows, you might even inspire your partner to bring something new to the table as well.


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