Dating Games: Could They Cost You True Love?

Dating Games: Could They Cost You True Love?

Do you ever wonder – What’s the secret to finding true love? How to make him want you? How do you get a guy to fall in love with you?

These are all legitimate questions that singles ask about dating, love and relationships, and as you search for the answers online, in books, and from others’ experiences, you are typically given a lot of conflicting advice. Advice that in many instances, does nothing more than attract the wrong one, or push the right one away.

Play the Dating Game

Singles are often told that the key to finding a loving relationship is to play games. It seems that somehow these “dating games” will inadvertently get the love of your life to fall head over heels for you. As if they are equipped to decode these games and read the underlying message that you’re really into them.

What games am I referring to? Some of the dating advice out there suggests you:

  • Wait at least 3 days before making any contact after the first date.
  • Don’t respond to messages that you might receive right away or you’ll seem desperate.
  • Don’t be the first person to contact.
  • Never offer to pay because that’s the guy’s job.
  • Act as if you’re not that into them so that they want you more.
  • Don’t express how you feel until they’ve expressed how they feel.
  • Wait at least 90 days before having sex.
  • Ignore them for a while and they’ll come running to you.
  • Act a certain way to get them attracted to you. (for instance, women who act ditzy or dumb down their intelligence to attract a guy)

Why This Doesn’t Work

Sure, there is some basis to this dating advice that can actually prove beneficial. While you shouldn’t count down the days until you contact a guy after a first date, you probably shouldn’t call him the minute after you part to see how much he likes you, or repeatedly stalk him until he responds to you.

No, you should not have to foot the bill for all of the dates, but you shouldn’t always expect the guy to treat you either. In this day and age when women have fought so hard for equality it seems that it’s actually a double standard to expect a man to always to pay.

And sure, it’s probably not the best judgement call to have sex with a guy on the first date or even on the second or third, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wait exactly 90 days to get intimate with him.

Pretending to be someone you’re not might make him want you now, but you end up in a relationship that doesn’t completely satisfy you or him. And let’s face it, in authenticity is exhausting and is easily sensed.

Dating games do not work when you’re looking to find true love. When you’re ready to find a level headed and confident man with great qualities, he’s not going to be receptive to you playing games, ignoring his calls, playing hard to get, and whatever other tricks you’ve got up your sleeve. He instead will view this as childish… a burden he does not want to deal with, and he will move on.

Finding Love Without the Games

So what’s the secret to finding true love without playing games? A woman who wants to find real love needs to be real. Funny that.

She must understand what she wants in a guy, be able to identify these things in whomever she’s dating, and she must also be sure of herself. If you know what you’re after, and know who you are, you spend a lot less time playing games, and a lot more time investing in building what will hopefully be a lasting relationship:

  • Know What You Want and Who You’re Dating

A relationship is an investment. You’re giving your time and energy to a person with the hopes of finding true love and spending the rest of your lives together. That being said, it is important to learn early on what you want in a partner and more importantly if those qualities are in the person you’re currently dating.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, but the guy you’re dating just got out of a serious relationship, chances are he’s not going to be ready to commit on the level that you are. If you’re looking for someone who is outgoing, spontaneous, and ready to grab life by the horns but you’re dating someone who is an introvert and more reserved, chances are he’s not going to suddenly become outgoing because you came along.

When you’re dating someone who is not ready to date, not on your level, or more importantly, not what you’re looking for in a partner, you will tend to feel stressed and anxious, which often creates a compulsion to play games and manipulate the relationship in order to get what you want. You begin being someone you’re not to meet the guy you’re dating on their level, thus compromising yourself and playing games with his heart (because you’re not the girl he thinks you are).

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  • Be a Woman of Honor

The best dating advice I can give you is to continue to work on yourself. Women often try to date when they themselves are not whole. This creates confusion and spurs this immature concept of dating games. She’ll entertain the need to play games to find Mr. Right because she believes it is the only way to find true love without getting burned. She wastes a lot of time, energy, and effort on playing hard to get and other childish dating games that only attract emotionally immature partners.

When you are a woman of honor however, you know who you are and what you have to offer. You know what you want in a partner. You’re bold, daring, and unafraid of rejection on the quest to find true love. When you’ve reached this place of self-confidence and self-assurance, there is no need to play games. In fact, you don’t entertain the games that might be being played on you, thus making it easier to find the love of your life.

Game playing only pushes level-headed, relationship ready guys further away from you!

If you want to make him want you, then instead of running yourself ragged trying to outsmart a man into loving you, refine the qualities you seek in a partner, cultivate these within yourself and this will be sure to give you the dating advantage you need to find a man you can create an eternal and beautifully authentic union with.

Wishing you GREAT love,
Nadine Piat

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