8 Signs You’ve Found Love and Mr. Right

8 Signs You’ve Found Love and Mr. Right

Honestly, how easy do you think it is to know if you’ve already found Mr Right? Does it involve big flashing signs? Do you “just feel it?” Do you have to hear it from another person?

The thing with finding Mr. Right is that it may take some time before you realize that he’s the one. Having initial strong feelings for someone is not what defines whether a man is your match.  Buying into the notion that in a very short time of meeting you should “just know” that the man you’re with is your match is ridiculous.  The reason I say that is; to a lessor or greater degree we all have we fears, blocks and beliefs that can hinder our judgment, which can have us attracted to and wanting men who are not suitable for us.

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Therefore, real love is not always a love at first sight type of situation. Instead, you need to learn more about him and see if you’re good for each other in a relationship to conclusively know if he is indeed your Mr. Right.

Are you not quite sure yet? Check this list and find out if you’ve got the one!

1. He lets you do your thing. You don’t need his approval to go out and try new things. In fact, he may be the one who’s encouraging you to get out there and explore new activities. And the best part is he doesn’t expect you put your passion aside just so you can make time for him (within reason of course).

2. You respect each other. When you find love, there must also be mutual respect between you. The thing about respect is two people can have vastly different ideas of what’s respectful behavior.  If two people have a similar view on respect then you’re onto a winner. Do you respect each other’s opinions, even if you don’t share the same opinion? Do you respect each other’s right to do what you think is best?

3. You trust him and he trusts you. Trust is one of the most important things you can have in a relationship. Without it you won’t feel safe, which is needed for an intimate relationship. No one wants to be in a relationship built on doubt, lies and deceit. Most often you’ll know within yourself if you trust a man or not, the difficult part is admitting when you don’t.  As for him, you can tell that he trusts you if he confides in you and shares his innermost thoughts with you.  That all said, trust is a fickle trait.  Sometimes we don’t trust ourselves to do something we said we would do.  So be clear about what trust means to you and him.

4. You see him in future plans. Our journey of finding love involves wanting this one person to be with us in the future. When you think about the future, is he always in the scene? Is he beside you as you rise up in your career or have a family or travel the world? Do you always have in mind when making big decisions that could affect your future?

5. You have the same goals. Finding Mr. Right entails being with a guy who has more or less similar life goals as you. When you see that your guy has the same views when it comes to important life aspects like finance, your respective careers or starting a family, then this is a huge relationship plus.

6. Conflict makes you stronger. Other couples may crumble in the face of conflict, but not you! Instead of letting problems get in between you, you use this opportunity to build a stronger relationship. You work through the conflict, you learn from it, and you learn to appreciate each other’s strengths even more. Conflict brings you closer and takes you to a more intimate and deeper level.  Heck, most of the time a challenging topic is rarely viewed as “conflict”, the two of you like to think of it as open communication and sharing.

7. He knows how to apologize. The thing with a lot of men is that they value their pride a lot. But one of the signs that you’re with Mr. Right is that his apologies are sincere. Not only that, he also tries to come up with ways to avoid making the same mistake. He’s not afraid to show genuine remorse, and he’s even less afraid of putting aside his pride for the sake of your relationship.

8. You don’t try to change each other. You accept each other’s faults and weaknesses, and you admire each other’s strengths as well. You don’t force each other to be who you’re not. Of course, you’d never turn down the opportunity to improve yourselves and make slight changes for the better. But these little changes also come from your own desire to become better, thus bringing out the best in both of you.

Is Mr. Right right under your nose?  Are you dating the love of your life or are you on a practice run? When you think you’ve found love, sit with it and be honest with your feelings and thoughts about this person. You have to go through a whole host of experiences to learn more about each other. This is the best way to check if you’re already with the right guy.

Do you have other ways to tell if you’ve found Mr Right? Please share your stories with me below!

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