Find Love Before the Year is Out

Find Love Before the Year is Out

What can a woman do to increase her chances to find love?

It would seem like a no-brainer, yet many women think that someday they’ll just find their Mr. Right.  He’ll just show up one day, like magic. You’ve got to be kidding me.  Very few women find love this way.  Up your chances by engaging in life in a few key ways.

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If you’re feeling at all hesitant, the truth is there is nothing wrong with being proactive or love-active.  Being proactive doesn’t have to mean that you’re desperate. This will come down to the core of you…  What you think of yourself will determine whether you date with confidence or not, and this will determine the kind of man you’re attracted and the kind of relationship you give time and energy to.

Unfortunately there can be some level of societal pressure that women face when it comes to being in a relationship. As soon as she starts dating, a woman can sometimes feel the need to always have a man by her side. It may be due to her feeling that her biological clock is ticking. It may be because she wants to find that guy whom she can settle down with. Sometimes, it may be because she just doesn’t want to end up alone.

So for all you ladies out there who are looking for love, what can you do to find it before the year ends?

Here are our tips:

Love yourself. Now, this can take a while to perfect, but taking little steps to appreciating yourself more can be enough to attract the interest of a guy who you are more compatible with. One way you can do this is by taking better care of your body, whether it’s through a fitness regimen, better eating habits, slowing down, take time to rest, laughing more, dancing more, sort out your life on all levels.

You can also try to see yourself in a better light, particularly if you feel like you have no chance of attracting a guy. Let go of all the insults other people have thrown at you, and learn to focus more on the compliments. Accept who you are, while also recognizing the things about you that you’d like to change.  Positivity is one of the most attractive traits you can find in people, and it’s sure to catch someone’s eye!

Expand your horizons. Keeping yourself cooped up in a cycle that revolves around working and going home isn’t your best option. You should also have other things that keep your mind and body active. Variety is the spice of life. There are tons of new things you can try like a new sport, a class or a new hobby. While trying these new things, you can also get acquainted with a bunch of new people… and who knows, the guy of your dreams might just be the one who can help you through your new experiences. The bottom line, start doing more of what you love.

Ask your close friends. The great thing about asking your close friends for help with finding love is that they know you well enough to recommend someone suitable for you. Your friends might know someone who just happens to be single, interesting and cute. The great thing about this is that you don’t even need to be set up on a one-on-one date. One of your friends can just bring you to a party or a gathering so there’s a lot less pressure.

Put yourself out there. Why blend in when you can stand out? How do you expect love to find you if you tend to hide or blend in with the crowd without making a sound? Be gracefully confident (or try your best to fake it until you make it), and the spotlight will naturally find its way to you. Wear that stylish sexy dress you’re keeping for a special occasion. Go out for a night of fun with your friends and make an effort to engage with the people around you. And if you happen to see a guy who just might be your type, by all means, walk up to him and say hello. Sometimes it helps to be daring and bold, especially when it comes to finding love. Men love women who make the first move.

find loveTry online dating. Did you know that a whopping 1 in 3 couples meet online.  The stigma of online dating is no longer there thanks to all the people who are getting into all sorts of dating apps and sites, and finding love on the internet. You can get to know a bunch of people and filter them out based on what you’re looking for in a guy. This is great for women who are time poor or a little shy. Once you’ve gotten to know someone, take the initiative and ask them if they’d like to meet up. Who knows how much fun you’ll end up having!  BUT – Make sure you read up on how to online date safely!

Get Over Yourself.  Stop feeding the gremlin inside you – YOUR EGO.  This is the main reason why people don’t find love.  They take dating and finding love to heart.  They have this story about “fear of rejection”. LET THIS GO…

Sometimes things don’t work out.  Sometimes people don’t treat us the way we would treat others.  Other times we can like someone more that they like us.  It happens.  Don’t let it affect you.

See every opportunity as just that, an opportunity.  There is always something to gain from every situation.  No one can take your worth and magic away from you.  Keep feeling into your heart, date smart and keep going.  Get clearer about the kind of man you’re looking for and don’t give up.

Finding love can be as simple as saying hi to guy you see every morning at the bus stop.  It could be eating lunch in the park where lots of people go, rather than staying in the office. Maybe you exercise alone, do something about that.

Have the courage to smile at a man or say hello.  Most men are just as shy and nervous as you are.

Have you found the guy of your dreams? If you have, please share your stories below so our single readers can get a few helpful pointers!

~ Nadine Piat

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