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5 Powerful Ways to Genuinely Attract Your Perfect Man!

In an age obsessed with the romantic ideal, most single people are searching for love and, not uncommonly, in all the wrong places. I know many women who devote invaluable years of their prime to men that are largely unsuited to them. And whether they go down the path of serial dating or long-term relationships, they often hit a dead-end…

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The Games Women Play

Ask any guy in the dating world and he’ll tell you that he has encountered at least one woman who has played some downright confusing games with them. Many women don’t realise that the games women play can actually spoil an otherwise perfect relationship. What may seem like a little bit of fun with a clear motive for the woman,…

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A “Princess Mind” Can Ruin Your Chance of Finding a Love Match

Are you a self-proclaimed princess? Or are you the more quiet princess type, looking for the prince charming who’ll sweep you off your feet and proclaim his love for you to all and sundry? The type of prince who will take you away into his castle where he’ll spoil you with gifts and stories of his conquests? In theory, being the…

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Find Love Before the Year is Out

What can a woman do to increase her chances to find love? It would seem like a no-brainer, yet many women think that someday they’ll just find their Mr. Right.  He’ll just show up one day, like magic. You’ve got to be kidding me.  Very few women find love this way.  Up your chances by engaging in life in a…

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