A “Princess Mind” Can Ruin Your Chance of Finding a Love Match

A “Princess Mind” Can Ruin Your Chance of Finding a Love Match

Are you a self-proclaimed princess? Or are you the more quiet princess type, looking for the prince charming who’ll sweep you off your feet and proclaim his love for you to all and sundry? The type of prince who will take you away into his castle where he’ll spoil you with gifts and stories of his conquests?

In theory, being the princess is great. You’ve got these princes lining up just to bask in your company. You’ve got them tripping over themselves just to show you what they can do for you. But like I said, it’s great in theory.

Being the princess with her own prince charming can seem alluring. But like the title suggests, a princess is young and inexperienced, she can be naïve and she may even have a minimal grasp of the responsibility of a lasting and peaceful love.

She’s waiting for the perfect suitor, the man to make her life right, instead of being the one taking control of her life. Her prince charming, sadly, may also be the same. His head may be filled with dreams of being with his princess and living in their own little fairytale land.

But why be a princess with her prince when you can be a queen with your king?

While the whole prince and princess pairing may have been ideal back in the day, in the modern dating world where women can be more so the drivers of their lives, it’s being a queen that can ultimately give you a far more heart-connected and fulfilling kind of love.

Here are some reasons being a queen gives you better chances of finding love that’s right for you.

1.       The princess can be wooed by an impression, but the queen needs facts.

When a woman is young and naïve, she tends to take everything at face value. For instance, a prince who has a nice car and a seemingly respectable set of friends might strike her as someone whom she can share a future with. But sometimes, it’s this naivety that leads her to be duped into a romance with a guy who’s a smooth talker.

The queen, on the other hand, isn’t caught up in a superficial ball of dust. She wants the facts and not just the evidence that seems to point to these facts. She listens to her intuition while also finding out for herself if a man is indeed worthy of her or healthy for her. This is why she wants a king: because a prince has the trappings of royalty without the responsibility, whereas a king is shaped by the responsibilities he has to handle.

2.       The princess wants to be swept off her feet, but the queen wants a more equal rule.

Being swept off your feet is something that many a young woman would fantasize about, but as with the idiom, being swept off your feet means that the prince doing this is in control of the relationship.

The queen is more grounded. Her head isn’t up in the clouds because she knows that being stuck in the fantasy world will just lead to disappointment when it comes to what the world can offer. Instead, she wants to have a say in where her relationship is going. She wants to have as much input and investment as her king does when it comes to her kingdom.

3.       The princess can be spoiled and self-entitled, but the queen has had to work her way to the top.

The idea of the sheltered princess being saved by a knight is so often used because she can be seen as a prize to be spoiled and coddled. She can use her girlish charms to attract and hold men who are willing to move the heavens with just a word from her.

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The queen, on the other hand, isn’t out there to just be the recipient of attention. She’s there to have a say in how she wants to live her life. She is more than capable of finding the love that’s fit for a woman, not a girl.

She’s poised and she knows how to give and receive love. She’s the embodiment of femininity in that she’s receptive and loving to man, while still being able to stand her ground. She doesn’t have time to play games or struggle for power.

In fact, she can know for herself when her potential suitor in is not right for her or if she’s stumbled across yet another “prince”, and she can then let him go to find a better co-ruler in her kingdom.  She’s not hasty, yet she’s honest with her heart and knows when to draw the line.

She doesn’t get overly rattled if a man doesn’t treat her right; she remains self-assured and steady, and beautifully and honorably articulates her standing.  She’s open to learning what she needs to learn from the experience, she’s gracious and she’s unwavering in her ability to remain at peace within.

She sounds magnificent doesn’t she?   So what’s a girl to do?

My advice is to perhaps shed the princess persona.  It’s time to stand tall and be the regal queen who deserves and attracts the greatest king.

Tell me about you?  Do you feel like you’re in Princess mode or are you the Magnificent Queen?  Let me know in the comments section just below.

~ Nadine Piat

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