The Games Women Play

The Games Women Play

Ask any guy in the dating world and he’ll tell you that he has encountered at least one woman who has played some downright confusing games with them. Many women don’t realise that the games women play can actually spoil an otherwise perfect relationship. What may seem like a little bit of fun with a clear motive for the woman, can in fact be incredibly cruel and confusing for the receiver.

Is there any point to playing games with a mans emotions? Does a woman really need to lay out obstacles to test how much the guy really wants her, or to prove that she’s not needy and desperate by being dismissive and/or by sending mixed signals?

Unlike men, women tend to be subtler when it comes to their dating approach. Many women don’t outright say what they want, so they give little hints and clues. Sadly, these hints aren’t always picked up or understood by guys.

Sometimes the “nudge” just goes right over their heads and they absorb none of the clues we give. In other cases, we just end up confusing the poor guy, leaving him wondering if we even care about him and if he would be happy single again.  This could be the reason why he doesn’t want a relationship with you and pulls away. Either way, there are more effective way of saying what we want to say without being confusing or misleading.

What games do women play?

If you’re unfamiliar with these little games, here are some of the most common games women play. And if you’re not the type to try this out, read on to find out how you can make sure your guy takes the hint!

  1. The hot and cold treatment. One minute, you’re all over him, and the next, you’re pretending he doesn’t exist. We sometimes do this to check just how far a guy will go for our affections. Sadly, there are cases where the guy gets the cold treatment and retreats in fear.To fix this and ensure the guy doesn’t get the wrong message, don’t get too cold on him. Sure, you can always just ignore him to see what he’d do to get your attention, but give him a little more encouragement than just leaving him hanging. It’s always more fun to tease than to just disappear on him, right?Instead to telling him something like, “I’m too busy this weekend” and leaving it at that, give him a hint about when you’re free to see him. Something along the lines of, “Hmmm, a nice little picnic next weekend sure sounds nice” would be a better option.
    The Games Women Play
  1. The questions game. We can’t help but want to pick our men’s minds, but sometimes our questions can be incredibly intimidating to guys. Asking if we look fat in an outfit or if our guy thinks our friend is hot may seem like an innocent thing to ask, but it’s a question that doesn’t really bode well with guys. Admit it, you want to see him squirm sometimes, but you wouldn’t want him to be digging his own grave with the wrong answer right?Before you ask him something, think of his possible answers. Can you take it if he gives you one that you don’t like? If you can, then you can be a sport about it and just laugh it off. But if he agrees that your dress makes you look a little wider or that one of your friends is indeed smokin’ hot, do your best to avoid asking in the first place. What’s the point?He’s may just be a simple, honest man. So getting mad at him for giving you his sincere answer would just serve to make him feel like he needs to only answer with responses that will please you, dishonest as they may be. If you want honesty then be sure to ask healthy questions.
  1. “It’s fine” and “No, I don’t want anything.” You may mean these phrases on occasion, but you must admit that there are times when you don’t. If something’s bothering you, you don’t necessarily need to give your guy a diagram and a detailed account of what’s bothering you. Sometimes a hint would suffice.Don’t say you’re fine whenever you’re not, because he might genuinely think you’re perfectly fine or that there’s nothing bothering you at all. Instead, give him a hint of an honest answer. This way, you won’t be berating him directly for what he did, but you will clue him in on what he did wrong. So the next time he’s late for your date or he forgets to take out the trash, don’t give him a frown and the whole “I’m fine” answer. Tell him how you actually feel and let him know what’s important to you in a graceful clear way.Whenever our guys give us the right response, we rejoice. But when they give us the wrong one, we shouldn’t be too hard on them.

Women don’t want wishy-washy confusing men. So why would a man who knows what he wants invest time in a woman who’s a carrot dangling, hot and cold emotional manipulator. Just how many men you know like to be in a relationship with alpha women any way?

If you want to make him love you, cut the man in your life a little slack. Treat yourself and the man you care about with love and kindness, while maintaining your interests and passions. You never know just how much more harmonious your relationship will be without the games women play!

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