He says, “He DOESN’T Want a Relationship” – What Does That Mean?

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Ladies, women, girls, listen carefully and never forget this…

When a man says he doesn’t want a relationship it means;


A man tells you more about who he is and what he wants in the first two weeks of knowing him than he probably will in the proceeding weeks.  And unfortunately most women do not listen and pay attention to these clear indicators.

To all the broken hearted women out there who fell for the unavailable man – cry if you need to, grieve the fantasy, and then quickly move on… to a special and powerful place of self-love and new love.

It’s time to really get this valuable love lesson, and not only for your emotional wellbeing, this lesson will astronomically move you closer to REAL love… Love that feels really good!

NOT… good, bad, good, terrible, painful, good, painful… that’s not how love is supposed to feel.

he doesn t want a relationship

LOVE TIP:  PAY ATTENTION to how a man treats you and what he says –  NOT what you WANT to hear or believe.

And to make this all more confusing, some men treat women well in general, even the women they sleep with yet don’t see a future with.  Most women assume that because he’s nice to her that he may want something more after all.

A good guy will tell you if he only wants something casual – what you do with that information is the difference between – frustration and hurt AND finding real commitment and love.

Women make a huge mistake by thinking one or more of the following:

  • He’ll change his mind once he spends more time with me
  • If the sex is good enough and I please him enough he’ll commit to me
  • He’ll be ready for a relationship soon and I’ll be right here, cause I’m kind of like his girlfriend anyway
  • He’s so nice to me it must mean he likes me

The moment a guy tells you he doesn’t want a relationship, although he likes you enough to hang out BUT not interested in anything serious is the moment that defines all…

Why would a healthy minded, high value, gorgeous woman hang out with a man when he doesn’t want a relationship WHEN SHE DOES?

Sometimes the guy really does like you although the timing is terrible, he’s just broken up with someone and/or still emotionally attached.  Some men won’t feel ready for commitment when certain areas of their life are not as they would like it to be, such as; lost his job, not happy with his career, doesn’t feel as though he’s financial successful enough for something serious, etc.  It’s still the same thing – he doesn’t feel ready, therefore he’s not wanting a relationship right now.

Here are my tips for you:

  1. Thank him for being upfront and honest
  2. Decide if you want something casual or not
  3. If you’re open to something casual you must know that that’s what it is.  Casual. Nothing more.
  4. If not, be his friend only.  Do not sleep with him.  If he wants you in his life he needs to sort himself out.
  5. Have NO expectations.  He may never sort himself or be ready.
  6. Do NOT fantasize what it be like to be with him – he could be a terrible partner, so do not make up a story of how amazing he is.  You don’t know that.  Which leads to my next point…
  7. You have your own life and catch up with him when it suits you only, he is NOT your priority
  8. Date other men and do this properly is your priority. Be OPEN to someone who’s ready for a relationship.
  9. If you cannot spend time with him without a strong yearning, then don’t see him at all.  Women make a good habit or torturing themselves.  Do not see him.  Move on.

The man worth your time is a man you will feel good around, safe, secure and appreciated.

A man who’s interested in a relationship with you will:

  • Be happy to wait a while before having sex
  • Wants to see you during the day, not just at night
  • You may not have sex every time you see him (not all about sex)
  • Sees you on Friday and/or Saturday nights
  • Within a couple of months he wants you to meet his friends and family
  • Talks about what you can do together in the future
  • Introduces you as his girlfriend (not “friend”)

So to all of the wonderful women who have fallen for Mr. Non-Commital, the lesson is…

Listen and hear what he has said, pay attention to his actions, and when you know something isn’t feeling quite right then it probably isn’t.

Be strong enough to walk away from someone who isn’t wanting the same things as you, and do so earlier rather than later.

You’re better off single and available for the right guy, not the guy who you want to be the right guy.

Nadine x

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  1. Avatar of Sonia M.

    Sonia M.

    May 22, 2013

    Oh, I agree. How many of us have fantasized a fairy tale looking for a knight and shining armor. because of this fantasy we tend to close their mind trying hoping that their men will change their mind and will love them all the way if they will show them their love and give their all though in reality their men never commit to them and just want their company for their physical needs, then in the end they have to experience devastation first before they realized they will never get what they desire to have with the man they love. It’s only later in life that I have found this out and now it might be too late, well, I believe it isn’t too late, but I do think about the opportunities that I might have missed along the way because I was being too fussy.

  2. Avatar of Rachel


    June 18, 2013

    This applies to women also. I have given myself one year from my divorce before I begin looking for a relationship. The few dates I’ve accepted, the men don’t believe ME when I say I don’t want a relationship. I kindly explain I’m healing myself, studying where I went wrong and how to improve myself before moving onto a relationship. I’m clear and upfront with them when accepting the date so there is no surprise but they too don’t listen. I think this is human nature.


  3. Avatar of Jasmine Ava

    Jasmine Ava

    July 5, 2013

    That’ true Nadine. If he is not ready for a relationship or is not there for you, then he is not worthy your time and doesn’t deserve you. Make an informed decision as a woman and get on quickly because you have other things to do. On the way, you will meet the person who deserves your heart. l do believe deeply in my heart that God has chosen a right pair for each and everyone of us.

  4. Avatar of Emily Sienna

    Emily Sienna

    July 9, 2013

    Hi Nadine,

    Precisely put, if he doesn’t want a relationship with you, then he isn’t into you and you should leave him alone and move on, one day you will meet that person who deserves your heart.’Please don’t waste your precious time revolving around him and expecting him to change, if not now he won’t change in the foreseeable future.

  5. Avatar of Julie Parra

    Julie Parra

    October 9, 2013

    This is such a well put article! I completely agree. Us women fantasize way too much. And like many, I make myself believe that if I stick around anyway knowing that he doesn’t want a relationship, and I spend time with him he will get used to me and want to be in a relationship. However, this is a terrible idea because it only makes us get more attached and it’s so much harder to move on.

    • Avatar of Nadine Piat

      Nadine Piat

      December 10, 2013

      Julie thank you and you’re so right… emotionally attaching ourselves to an unavailable man is crazy and painful… it doesn’t feel safe, it doesn’t feel fulfilling… it feels like somethin’ and nothin’ all mixed together…

      And it is “somethin’”… it’s a casual relationship… it’s a going nowhere connection… so it’s “nothin’”

      Very few of these types of connections evolve into something more. I have seen it happen although most often both people were very clear that it was casual… neither one wanted anything more at that time and over time it became something serious. Both people were on the same page!

  6. Avatar of Christalyn Pagente

    Christalyn Pagente

    October 18, 2013

    Yes, this is much very true. Girls tend not to listen and like to hear what she wanted to hear and it usually hurts her. It’s always been this way, that’s why women always think they get broken heart. We assume too much. It’s now time to listen then move on.

  7. Avatar of Raven


    December 15, 2013

    You know what Nadine? I think that women are masochists.

    And maybe not totally a woman’s fault she is one. My theory is that society has depicted women as long-suffering, resilient, the person responsible in ensuring that all pieces of the puzzle gel together. Another trait that society has imposed upon women to picture her as someone desirable is that she should be patient and kind…can do pretzel-like positions when it comes to sex, knit sweaters, a great cook, carry the baby on her right while she irons clothes with her left. And if she has an extra arm, give her lover a sensual massage and coo sweet words in his ears. :D

    Seriously, at the very heart of her heart, I think a woman knows what the real deal is. It is the sad denial of the real truth and believing in what she thought she wants to happen that makes it complicated for most women to step out of a relationship that is obviously going nowhere.
    I think women are so enamoured with the idea of ‘happily ever after’ and anyone resembling a knight with armour even if it is a rusty one is a potential Prince Charming.

    So despite the obvious and having to suffer from pain and low self-esteem, women tend to turn a blind eye . And at night when all the lights are out and everything is still she would perhaps say a softly spoken prayer that tomorrow is a new day; that tomorrow brings hope and promise…Maybe tomorrow will bring changes.

    I know I am a bit sarcastic but I find this the harsh truth. How many times have women faced situations when she is not happy, when her security is threatened, when her worth as a person is being demolished? And in each situation how many women ran for dear life at the very first sign?

    So I think despite knowing it’s time to move on, women would often times stall, hesitate…until she finds herself in a rut too difficult for her to escape…

    On the other side of the spectrum – the female sex is the most courageous. Because just when everyone thinks that she is sucked down the drain, she rises and fights back.

    I like what Nadine said – “Be strong enough to walk away from someone who isn’t wanting the same things as you, and do so earlier rather than later…You’re better off single and available for the right guy, not the guy who you want to be the right guy.”

  8. Avatar of CINDY ANDREWS


    January 17, 2014

    I am really short of words, can’t finally believe i got my boyfriend back this is my testimony about the man that brought back my man Nadine, she gave me the heart and confident to trust in him within the period of 3 days right now we are living happily and getting very ready and set for our wedding, i am so much happy knowing full well there are real, true spell casters who can really make things happen within the shortest possible time.

  9. Avatar of Nisha Polk

    Nisha Polk

    April 8, 2014

    Wow, this article is so on point!! I wish I would of seen it several months ago, it would of saved me a lot of heart ache!!

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