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Speak His Language: How to Communicate with Your Man

When you first meet a man it can feel like you can talk about anything, trying to work out ‘how to communicate’ isn’t really something that you even think about. You feel heard, you feel that he wants to know how you’re feeling and that he wants to understand you and support you.  There is a sense of loving and…

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Can You Overcome Cheating?

Women who have been cheated on are often told that the best way to overcome cheating is to simply dump the philandering dolt. But it’s rarely ever this clear-cut. When your boyfriend cheats, painful as it may be, you sometimes have to get to the bottom of things before making an informed decision. Here’s our three-step guide for dealing with…

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Am I Too Intimidating?

Over the years, I’ve been told that I can be a little too intimidating to men.  At first I thought that this was crazy… For some time deliberated and even marvelled as to why I would be threatening to a man?  How could this petite woman be someone a man felt nervous around or intimidated by? In retrospect, I’ve pinpointed…

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Long Distance Relationships & Their Remedies

Being miles apart from your significant other requires a different set of guidelines for ensuring long distance relationships work out. Featured Image Credit: Dvortygirl There will always be those moments when you really want to talk to your man, but you can’t because he’s not online or he isn’t due to wake up for another few hours. Yes, long distance…

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8 Signs Of His Emotional Immaturity!

A man’s maturity can’t be measured by how old he is, how much money he makes, or even the fact that he’s got kids. Sometimes, you really need to get up close and personal with a guy before telltale signs of emotional immaturity start to rear their ugly head. Dating an immature man can leave you feeling frustrated and even…

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Being Single, Happy And Liberated

Do you ever wonder if it’s possible to not only accept that you’re single, but also find happiness in being single? Too often people forget that there are many upsides to living the life of a bachelorette. In today’s world there seems to be far more value placed on being attached than in celebrating the perfection of the single life.…

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Do You Feel Safe in Your Relationship?

Have you ever felt insecure in a relationship, or does your relationship have you feeling uneasy in some way? A healthy relationship is composed of numerous things and one of those things is safety, and not necessarily in an obvious kind of way. If you’re not feeling as though your relationship is flowing or you feel you’re in struggle-lan, then one…

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How To: Rekindle Relationship That’s Gone Stale

Relationships need attention… just like a healthy and thriving garden and just like a fire that sometimes cools over time… it could be time to rekindle relationship love into a flame once more. This is true whether you’re in a marriage or a long-term relationship…or even in something new. As time goes on, couples grow “bored” or “content” with one…

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#1 Reason Why Men Won’t Commit

The number one reason men won’t commit Do you know the number one reason men will not commit and set a date? They will never admit it – but they are scared. They have so many “what-ifs” going through their mind when they are in a dating relationship.  Just like you do. While women have a great connection with their intuition and…

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Breaking Up When Children are Involved

Breaking up can be difficult to begin with, however, adding a child to the equation can make it that much more complicated. Many times couples wonder if they should stay in a “loveless” relationship in order to keep the child happy.  The answer to this is no. Your child will be affected by the decisions that you make inside or…

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