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Do You Think You’re Too Pretty Or Plain – Find Out How Men Fall In Love…

A woman’s looks can attract a man but if you think that looking pretty is how men fall in love then you you’re sadly mistaken. Most women know this logically and yet so many women still fret about their aesthetic attractiveness.  There must come a time when we as women break this superficial and fruitless cycle! Many women wonder: Should…

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Speak His Language: 6 Effective Ways To Communicate with Your Man

When you first meet a man it can feel like you can talk about anything – it seems that finding ways to communicate flow easily. You feel heard, you feel that he wants to know how you’re feeling and that he wants to understand you and support you.  There is a sense of loving and warm adoration… but over time…

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A Good Relationship Starts with You!

Are you craving a good relationship?  You know how they say that you can’t love another person completely until you learn to love yourself? This may seem like a cliché, but it’s true.  And as I talk about in my Unlock His Heart program… the heart of love comes from your heart (not his). If you’d like to experience great…

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4 Ways To Keep Yourself from Dating the Bad Boy

Dating the bad boy?  Have you ever? There’s CAN BE a certain kind of thrill that comes with dating someone you shouldn’t. He’s the guy your mum warned you about…. Typically he’s the guy who doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’s the guy whose rough and rugged appearance makes you shed your inhibitions. He’s the guy who’s probably not emotionally…

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Remove The Blindfold For Real Love

Are we sometimes too blind for Real Love? This week I had a task to do, I needed to put together an outdoor table setting, and while I was going through the motions of working out how to put it together I had a realisation about real love. You see, the original table had started to deteriorate prematurely and the…

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Are Rebound Relationships Ever a Good Thing?

The million dollar question is;  Are rebound relationships something to strive for or something to shun away from, and do they create emotional destruction or a healthy distraction? Have you ever broken up with someone and dived right into a new relationship? Do you tend to overlap partners, finding it difficult to leave someone unless you already have someone else…

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Are You An Alpha Female?

What kind of women do men fall in love with?  Are you an Alpha Female? Men love women who are confident and at ease with themselves, just as women like men who are confident and at ease with themselves. BUT… some men and women get confidence and arrogance confused, which means; if you desire to create a strong and healthy…

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