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Over 35 and Single? Could you Get Hurt Easier?

Being over 35 and single is an interesting time for women who want to find love. It can be an exciting time and also an emotionally draining experience. If you’re single, by now you’ve probably kissed enough frogs to know the type of man you want to meet, and whether you want to build a family (or extend one). And…

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4 Ways To Skillfully Prepare Yourself For Love After A Breakup

Healing from a break up can take time. Whether you or the other person was “at fault” or ended it, you invested time and energy into cultivating a relationship with this person. This means, it’s only natural that it will take time for you to be ready to get back on the horse again. For some women, this may only…

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5 Ways To Overcome Conflict And Have A Kick Ass Relationship

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the perfect relationship? Where you and your partner knew each other so well that there was never an issue? Me too… but I know that’s unrealistic. No matter how long you’ve been together or how well you know each other; conflict is a common part of all loving relationships. In fact, some…

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5 Ways Texting Can Ruin Your Love Life

Imagine that your best friends’ husband calls you to let you know that his wife, your best friend, has been in an accident.  He tells you that even though she’s safe, she’s a bit rattled, and he thought that she would love to hear from you.  So, what would you do?  Text her or call her? Now imagine that you really…

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How to Attract Men Emotionally

Have you ever wondered if a deeply loving relationship can exist without emotional intimacy? If you have, I’m sure you’ve come to the conclusion that it can’t. Emotional bonding is what distinguishes casual from serious relationships, or an unfulfilling one to a fulfilling one, there’s hardly any question about this. We tend to feel closer to people with whom we…

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Emotionally attached to a younger man – Should you stay or should you leave?

I remember a time when dating a younger man was out of the question for me. Just one year younger seemed somehow “wrong”, then one day I realized that I was being far too ridged and narrow in my approach to finding love.  After this change in perspective I decided it was time to open my horizons and give dating a…

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Stop Nagging, Start Talking, and Be Happy Ever After

I have a friend, a beautiful, smart woman, who’s been happily married for years. So it came as a surprise when she burst out and told me she’s sick and tired of her husband not doing anything around the house. Wait, I said, don’t you share your chores? She said yes, but only if she reminds him. What a classic.…

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4 Real Truths About Deep Lasting Love

How often do you stop to think about what real love is? You probably have an answer that includes a whole range of things… kindness, feels good, sex, snuggles, playful moments, someone to listen, shared values and life goals… But is this what love is all about? The truth is, sex doesn’t mean love, nor does having fun and playful…

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5 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Rejection

To even think about a new relationship after an unsuccessful one can be a scary thought. Whether you went through a bitter divorce or you’ve just come out of a short term relationship, finding love again after a breakup can see you running for cover and have your palms sweating with fear. Sure, you may want love again, yet, the…

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