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5 Tips For Dating A Man With Children

Having a relationship with a man who has children comes with its own set of challenges. Aside from working on a thriving relationship with each other, you also have to consider how you can deal with the kids he has in tow (and perhaps you have children too). It may be tough, but it’s not completely impossible. In fact, each…

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What to Do When His Friends Are a Bad Influence

You love your man, but sometimes, you just can’t help but wonder why such an awesome person would have such a horrible choice of friends. Whether your man has friends who are loudmouth badboys, misogynistic jerks or just uncouth and uncultured, you can’t deny the fact that these people helped shape the man you fell in love with. Sadly, though,…

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4 Dating Tips for the Introverted Woman

Are you tired of all the dating tips that tell you to just go and approach a guy and flirt shamelessly? Even the most confident woman can find initiating contact a big step out of their comfort zone. But what about the introverted ladies out there who also deserve a chance at finding love? Introversion is something that a lot…

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Is Jealousy And Paranoia Ruining Your Love Life?

Have you ever been taken over by a raging fire of jealousy? You see your partner talking to a woman at a party and you instantly fear that you might lose your man or you accuse him of doing something wrong?  Maybe you wonder if the text messages he receives could be from another woman? You may also experience bouts…

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The Real Reason Mr. Right Keeps Slipping Through Your Fingers

On your quest to find Mr. Right, you may be running into a bunch of different roadblocks. You may be too busy with your career to spend time looking for the right guy. You might not be getting out there, mingling with potential soul mates. It’s also possible that fate seems to have put you at the bottom of her…

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10 Ways You Can Start Healing After a Breakup

There was once a time when I dated a guy who seemed to be the ideal man for me. We had the same taste in almost everything. We seemed to want the same things. We listened to the same music. We could spend hours upon hours just talking, reflecting, and we also had a great physical connection. Everything seemed perfect…  and…

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Love Drama or are you Addicted?

Do you love drama… a little bit of excitement? That heart-stopping, stomach-churning, beat-skipping feeling that comes with being in a thrilling new relationship, is one of the best forms of excitement you’ll find while you’re dating. Unfortunately, excitement may sometimes come with a hefty dose of drama, which people tend to get addicted to. You may think it’s irrational to…

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Find Out What He Really Thinks About You

Have you ever been with a guy who’s totally your type, and yet there seems to be something missing? He’s got the looks, the brains, and all the interests you want a man to have, and yet there’s a few important elements of the relationship that are just not there – like communication and a deeper connection. Maybe you really…

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8 Signs You’ve Found Love and Mr. Right

Honestly, how easy do you think it is to know if you’ve already found Mr Right? Does it involve big flashing signs? Do you “just feel it?” Do you have to hear it from another person? The thing with finding Mr. Right is that it may take some time before you realize that he’s the one. Having initial strong feelings…

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Who Picks Up the Check? A Guide to Paying for Dates

Oftentimes, a wonderful date can get awkward very quickly when you aren’t sure who should pick up the check. It’s not usual for a woman to feel unsure as to what’s the right thing.  Some women will get offended if a man doesn’t pay, some women will feel like a man is trying to buy her affections if he insists…

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